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The Official Vitaklenz Website - Vitaklenz - Vitaklenz eliminates candida, pinworms, tapeworms, cryptosporidium, giardia and other parasitic organisms by stimulating the body's natural defences

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  • JJsmom - A great looking shoe! Lightweight! A bit snug!

    Purchased as a present for my husband. I ordered a 1/2 size up, after reading reviews that they run a bit snug. Well, I shouldda went up a full size. They are more snug than he would like, but he's trying to be nice & not have me send back a gift! He likes the look & feel! Very lightweight! Good shoe! The "Birthday boy" & his own words!;-)

  • Philip T. Sparagna - This antenna works great. Reception is great especially the satellite radio

    Read reviews that this antenna doesn't work well. This antenna works great. Reception is great especially the satellite radio.

  • KATHLEEN ENGLISH - Guaranteed to Disappoint

    This book is junk, did anyone even look at it before it went to print? it looks like it was written by someone that doesn't speak English. "Stacking rings" are part of a baby's first vocabulary? On what planet? Does anyone say"telephone" anymore? Will the baby say "stuffed animal"? Has this guy ever been around babies? Its a shameless attempt to make money with no redeeming value except to the writer.

  • MR O - It ok but not the best nor a solution for me

    I guess the product is good but it has extremely potent smell to it and it did stain my car interior so I cannot recommend this to people who intend to use it inside of there cars - it does state on the Can itself that you should try out a test area to see if this product will or will not stain what you up to cleaning

  • tamara m slason - Very helpful

    I'm going to tell you right now, this is a very good product and does what it say. I wouldn't have believed it with the "pyramid schemey" feel to the company, but it saved my dog 4 years of his life. My dog Ham was diagnosed with cancer and we were told it was stage 3 (worst stage for dogs) and he had 4 months to live without treatment. We were devastated. Feeling very low that evening my husbands cousin cameover talking up a storm about this new product he had found and all the amazing things it did. I immediately thought of my dog and would it help him. I jumped online and spent the next 3 hours searching everything I could and I found that many people where taking this for cancer and a small handful of people had giving it to pets. Not for cancer but they thought it helped there pets all the same. So, I talked my cousin into buying up 3 cases. He agreed and bought them on the spot. We got them a while later and I started giving him one packet a day. The tumor had major regrowth after surgery and vet told us he didn't want to keep removing it from a dog who was so close to death. Within the first week of giving him the packet a day, the tumor was visibly shrinking. It shrunk so much that it wasn't even noticeable. That's really saying something. I gave him this for another 4 years. It kept him alive and the only reason it failed in the end was my family hit hard times and was unable to afford it for a while. It grow back rapidly without the Zija and by the time we got him more it had already take it tole on him. I'll always be so thankful for those 4 extra years tho. Now I take this daily with my other dog. I'll always have this stuff around.

  • Joseph St Lucas - So close yet so far...

    As others have said, s/w is weak. I bought this to upload my four outside cameras to a website. In order to do this, I need a constant filename. I had been using an ancient snappy w. snapcap s/w with a video switcher to upload to my website but the snappy started having problems. This device lets you view all four channels at once, and will save a jpg of the channels at a timed interval. However, you can't name this jpg what you want, it defaults to date/time format, no matter what. You can manually name a shot, but since I wanted a jpg at five minute intervals, this is too much manual for me. It will also not ftp automatically, but there's other free s/w to do that. Computer is a 1.2ghz pentium running XP. No other s/w except my weather station s/w runs on this so there appears to be lots of computing power for the app. Three *'s for this.

  • G. Heyde - IT WORKS FOR ME!!!!!

    I have used Amberen now for two 90 day cycles ( with 90 days off in between) and it worked really well for me. My main symptoms were HOT flashes 10-15 times a day and horrible night sweats and lack of good sleep! These things affect every other area of your life when your grouchy, exhausted , not eating well, no interest in sex! My symptoms were drastically improved on the 5th day!(I kept a journal), and after 2weeks they were gone and I was sleeping better too.The only side effect I noticed was a dry mouth (MSG ???) but I made a concious effort to drink more water and that is always a good thing. Not every product is going to work for everybody! But for the reviews here that are so negative, I say "Dont knock it until you have least tried it!" It certainly is cheaper than going to the doctor and tryin weeks or months of HRT, only to be back where you started or worse! I think Amberen even has a 30 day money back policy! I am 49 and have not had a period in almost 2 years now, and I hope the worst is over. I will start Amberen again in October if symptoms return.