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    Country:, Asia, KR

    City: 126.9741 , Republic of Korea

  • M. Christensen - Fit perfect

    I have a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Edition and the cargo mat fits absolutely perfect. Very durable also.

  • Jason Brent - Works ok for what it cost, could be better.

    I recently purchased this to use with my Asus Netbook. I read one of the reviews in which someone had purchased for same reason and application. I only paid about $50.00 on amazon, and figured I had nothing to lose at that price. It was easy to configure with the netbook. Run the disk with your external driver, plug in unit and you're up and running. I have not worked much with the GPS's but do have technical/electrical backgroung. The biggest fault I found with this unit is the slow receiver. It takes too long to link up with the satelites. Delorme says to expect 10 start up at times. It has taken longer than that many times. Unless you go out, start vehicle and gps, go back inside and have coffee for 20 minutes, you're GPS more than likely won't be ready to start working when you are.. When it DOES work, it seems to be relatively accurate. The other thing I did not like is it does not show the cross roads when traveling rural (which is most of my driving). In cities it is pretty good, but out in the country, it only shows the picture of roadways with limited labeling. I have the 2010 software, so this is really disappointing for new software. I have a Chevy Tahoe, which has adequete windshield slope to get a clear signal with unit. I have been reading reviews of other GPS's, and it seems some of the other expensive GPS's do not show cross roads either, so I felt a little better by that. I think with todays technology, all that info should be in view on your screen. I just noticed that this GPS went way up in price after I bought it. I would not recommend it for that price. Go for another one that links faster. I wish I knew which one to recommend, as that would be the one I buy. I still gave it 3 stars because of amazon's good service and the unit does do a decent job, when it links up. By the way, if you take off while the unit is trying to acquire satelites, you can plan on 30 minutes to an hour for it to completely be full 3D linked. If you are dependent on GPS, skip this one and keep shopping. If you can get it cheap and just want something to play with, it might be ok.

  • Josh - Great Jerky

    Got the sample yesterday, and gotta say man, it was fantastic. It had a lot of flavor, and just looked good as well. Will definitely buy more later. It's understandably on the expensive side of food for that reason, a premium product. I got the product at a discount but that affected my review in no way.