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  • MizJones - Very Reliable, Convenient

    I ordered this one to replace my previous unit, which lasted about 2 years. I have horrible back pain and don't want to go back on the pain meds (nothing, I mean NOTHING is worse than opiates) so this has become my go-to remedy. Every evening after working outside on the property most of the day, I slap on the pads and wear this while making dinner and tending to the animals. It's a life saver. I tried the more expensive ones but the units are too large to carry around. This thing hooks onto my belt or jeans pocket, very convenient.

  • Zaid - Disappointed

    I thought I found a miracle product and then my most recent order was incredibly disappointing. It didn't even have the same tingly feeling when applying it. My acne has already started coming back. Was there a formula change or what?

  • T. Agredano - Go Organic

    I am in love with this stuff. In the past, I have been an avid user of expensive face care products but what prompted me to switch was turning 30. My skin chemistry changed and nothing was working anymore. I have been using the Acure Organics Argan Oil for two years and I LOVE IT! I purchased it to use as a moisturizer but have enjoyed other benefits as well.My skin has filled fine lines in and my sunspots have almost disappeared(I had some very dark ones). The oil is very heavy so I recommend using an organic facial lotion as a carrier substance so you can adjust how much your skin can absorb.

  • Amanda Thongsirimonghoun - Fits great in my home little power cubby

    Very good product and conforms to specifications and seller fast handling and confident and very suitable prices.small and functional. Fits great in my home little power cubby.Great product and easy to use

  • Ashley Lewis - This juice really is the Miracle Diet!!

    I tried this magical juice last spring when I was trying to lose some weight for my vacation to Mexico. My friend told me to try the 'Hollywood 48 Hr Miracle Diet' if I wanted to lose weight fast. I'm so glad I gave it a try because I lost 8 pounds in just two days!! With a little exercise and another 48 hr diet a week later, I was able to be comfortable and look good in my swimsuit!! I have been using this periodically to cleanse my body and I can't believe how great it works!! I wouldn't recommend doing this every week, but I think I'm going to start doing it about once a month to maintain the weight loss that I've accomplished so far. I've also recommended this 'Miracle Diet' to a few friends and they've all had fast results...however, one of my friends wasn't that overweight so she only lost 3 pounds in two days. Either way, it's still great for someone who needs to just lose those few extra pounds in order to look amazing!! I recommend anyone struggling with their weight loss to give this a try. You won't be disappointed!

  • Stefanie Womble - Very happy with eSalon

    I've used eSalon twice now so I am new to this new way of doing hair color. The color turned out really nice. I've been coloring my own hair for nearly 10 years now using good products purchased from a beauty supply store. I wanted to try something new as my color seemed to getting dull. I found that eSalon gives me great grey coverage. I even received detailed instructions on how to apply the color. Not that I needed it, but for anyone that is new to coloring hair, this would be good to receive. After I received my color, I got an email from eSalon asking about the color and process (feedback). Then, a week before I was scheduled to receive my next order of color, I received an email asking if there were any changes I wanted to have made to the color. The color arrived on time, and I was able to color again. Everything I needed to color was included in the kit. I would highly recommend this product.

  • B. Pasmore - Envy removal tool

    When Edward Scissorhands moved in down the block, I was pretty envious of his cool hands. Then I got this. Now who's jealous. Not me, that's who.