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  • Herkimer - Great product.

    Have used Kaspersky for couple of years. Has kept my computer trouble free and does not slow down my use of the computer. Recommended.

  • valerie - Do not buy from here

    I don't believe this is an authentic yeti cup. I have other yeti cups in a work perfectly fine that I bought at Dick's Sporting Goods. This one that I received does not work like a really get a cup. Unlike in authentic one, this one sweats all around the cup at the top which then drips water all over the place. now I have to go through the process of returning for a refund and having to go elsewhere to purchase a new cup.

  • Sammi M. - ... item was damaged but one of thepans had some pretty good scrapes on the side of it

    I'm not sure where the item was damaged but one of thepans had some pretty good scrapes on the side of it, visible but not enough of an issue to me to return it. Other than that, they are what I expected.

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    I have been reading a lot of negative reviews and I have had none of the problems listed. I got my first MagicJack in 2006. I have never had a problem and loved it. Last year I upgraded to the MagicJack Plus. I was able to convert my phone number from Comcast for $20. I have excellent call quality. I have a three phone system with answering machine. All three phones are cordless and spread throughout my house. Each and every phone has excellent sound quality. I am able to use my fax machine, sending and receiving without any problem.