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E-Cigarette Reviews and Rankings - We review e-cigarettes and rank them by performance and affordability, not by brand popularity or commissions

  • E-Cigarette FAQ | E-Cigarette Reviews and Rankings - The most important things you need to know about electronic cigarettes, from their components to how they work and how to use them properly
  • E-Liquid Now a Health Hazard for the Eyes, Ophthalmologists Warn | E-Cigarette Reviews and Rankings - Dripping e-liquid in your eyes is now perceived as a health hazard, after one woman mistook her e-liquid bottle for her prescribed eye drops.
  • Research Center Calls E-Cigarette Regulations "A Win for Liars and Big Tobacco" | E-Cigarette Reviews and Rankings - The Capital Research Center has recently called the FDA e-cigarette regulations "a win for liars and Big Tobacco", accusing Government of deceiving the public
  • NJOY Becomes First Major U.S. E-Cigarette Company to Declare Bankruptcy | E-Cigarette Reviews and Rankings - NJOY, once the most successful e-cigarette company in the United States, just filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11.
  • E-Cigarettes Likely to Have Helped 18,000 English Smokers Quit Last Year | E-Cigarette Reviews and Rankings - A new study suggests that electronic cigarettes may have helped at least 18000 English smokers quit last year.
  • Italy's Over-Taxation of E-Liquid, or How to Vaporize 160 Million Euros in Tax Revenue | E-Cigarette Reviews and Rankings - Italy has 160 million euro budget hole after over-taxation of e-liquids drives vapers to foreign markets,

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  • Iowa Reader - Very informative

    News junkies may worry that they won't learn anything new from this account, but Balz does an excellent job of revealing the larger lessons of this election:

  • jgherm67 - The boots are comfortable and warm

    I tried a pair of these boots on at Cabela's and decided to by at Amazon because they were on sale for almost $30 less.The boots are comfortable

  • Ant onio - Very Strong Glue. Gorilla like strength

    You know what they say right? If it doesn't move, and it should, use wd-40. If it moves, and it shouldn't, use duct tape. Forget that. Use gorilla glue. I glued some old shoes back together and got another 6 months out of them. So it was worth it right there. Read the directions [the surfaces need to be slightly moist], and use sparingly, a little goes a long ways, and it expands.