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  • ashley gremar - You have to eat and eat plenty of water that is were others go wrong

    I loves these i start with one a day then next day one in the morning and one in afternoon now tomorrow i will take 2 in the morning.u have to eat with in 10 min of taking them or you will feel sick drink a lot of water it has high does of niacin wich will make you turn pink color and itch water will help that but so far i love these buy them at walmart 2 bottles for 20 dollar this will cure your craving and a boost of energy

  • Keri Allen - Very deceptive marketing

    This is the first review I have ever written. I would never purchase this product again. I believe their marketing is very deceptive and it's not worth the hassle. If I could give it a lower review than 1 star I would.They do not tell you that you will be billed whether you order an additional supply or not. A $19.95 cost sounds good but it isn't in my opinion honest.

  • cojack03 - Awesome Product. Consider trying before buying if you get motion sick easy or don't like 3D movies.

    Awesome Product. The VR headset not only allows you to play VR games, but other games as well without the need for a TV, but you do want to keep your head still if doing so and use a headset, which comes with it. It also makes your 51" 1080p TV seem small because it's like an 80-90" TV in 2D games and the PS menu. The VR 2D screens are like an IMAX screen. The games are so much better with the camera and VR headset properly positioned when calibrated as well as standing gives a much better experience as well. After about 3-4 hours of playing Arkham VR, I started to feel a little unbalanced which was not that bad honestly. After I had played Arkham VR for about 3.5 hours, I played the demo for Here They Lie, which is insanely awesome for a horror game, but I did get a bit motion sick from the crazy changes to the atmosphere in the demo and I felt like my body temperature raised within 5 mins of playing it, so I had turn a fan on, which helped a lot with the motion sickness. Overall, I love the system even for the short Arkham VR, it is awesome. However, I originally bought the VR for Resident Evil 7, which I anticipate to really scare the heck out of me and anyone who plays it, especially with the VR set. If you get motion sick or don't like 3D movies, probably best to not buy, find somebody and try if first.