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  • Jazen - Not for everyone, miracle for some.

    This supplement has a very specific targeting. This is made to reverse the breakdown of cartilage within the joints, weather it's hands, spine, hip or knees. THIS HAS 80% CHANCE to regrow cartilage even if it's worn away or bone on bone. My grandmother saw amazing results with this. She needed a second knee replacement but she has a sensitivity to anesthetics so anything we could find to keep her away from getting the surgery would be a win for the family. I saw the commercial on tv and spoke to an intelligent agent that explained everything to me. I was told it can take about 7 weeks to feel full benefits but you will feel different in a week. Well, grandma felt better as early as day 5. After the full seven weeks we had another MRI done and the bone on bone knee was rebuilding! It took almost 6 months of everyday drinking this for her to drop the walker and move up to a cane. After that she was able to cut down to just one to two cans a week on average to maintain a painfree life. She has also now dropped the cane in her day to day. She will bring it along to the zoo or to go shopping but she is more mobile at 85 years old than she was just a mere five years ago. The results can be amazing. If you have injuries, nerve damage, allergies to peach or mango, or are type one diabetic THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.

  • Jimmie - A Great Umbrella with a Superior Design

    I have tested this product. Here is my review which is based solely on whether it meets or exceeds the claims made by the vendor/manufacturer in their description of the product and my personal experiences and observations with the item in testing. How many times have I gone to get into the car in the pouring rain. No matter how skilled one is – taking the typical umbrella down and not getting wet is impossible. Now the Better Brella has the problem. Instead of folding down – this reverse action umbrella folds up –like inside out. So the wet portion stays away from you in the reverse action design. I wondered about the durability of such as design. But in my testing, I found this umbrella to be quite solid – in addition to keeping you warm and dry when you are getting into your car – or backing into the door of a room. The construction and design were really impressive to me. While I have not tested it at 50 MPH, it is clear that the Better Brella will withstand a significant wind. And that is important where we life – lots of wind with the rain. I purchased this for myself, but when it arrive and my wife saw it – yep, you guessed it – the Better Brella belongs to her now. That’s okay, I scored some valuable points with the high quality and very usable umbrella. I recommend this umbrella – and so does my wife. And by the way, it is large enough to keep the rain off – even in the wind. Disclaimer: I received this product for a discount in exchange for an honest review.

  • C. Brad Sharp - Fit perfect. Best floor mats period

    Perfect fit. Fast shipping. Just love them. The best floor mats I've ever seen, plus made in the good old USA. Just love " Merican made " !!!!!

  • Steve S. - Superb reference!

    You definitely get your money's worth by purchasing this book since it truly has a plethora of possibilities for you as a writer. Not only can you use it during the calendar year, but also in subsequent years. It truly is a keeper!

  • Amazon Customer - It was a beautiful Barbie. She was very excited when she opened ...

    My 7 year old granddaughter received it for her birthday . It was a beautiful Barbie. She was very excited when she opened it.

  • Christopher Geannakopoulos - I am extremely pleased to have used this product

    After much research online, I gave this product a try. My car was throwing a P0430 code, and an additional shadow code. Nissan told me my 2002 Pathfinder with 124k miles needed a new cat for the price of $1300+. Obviously, I laughed and went the alternative route. The P0430 code was only on for about a month, and it was sort of intermittent, so I felt that the parameter of "below threshold" to me meant the cat was still working, but just slightly under "code". Nonetheless, I tried this product, and after about 300 miles, the light went off. It has been over 1200 miles since, and the light has not returned. In that time, I was able to get my car inspected to avoid that whole mess. For this, I am extremely pleased to have used this product.

  • L. Feldstein - Punk 57

    Punk 57 is one of those books you won't want to put down once you pick it up. I loved how the friendship between Misha and Ryen started as children who were assigned to each other as pen pals. Pen Pals who continued on into adulthood without them ever meeting in person...until one fateful night. The catch? Ryen doesn't know she's meeting Misha but he realizes exactly who she is. After Misha goes radio silent for three months in enters Masen. Just one more thing stirring things up along the way. You'll rally for these characters through all the twists and turns, and them figuring out love and friendship.