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U.S. Campaign for Burma - Home - US Campaign for Burma utilizes U.S. government and policy to help leverage and promote human rights, democracy, and freedom for all persons in Burma/Myanmar.

Country:, North America, US

City: -84.636 Michigan, United States

  • focus 2003 - Why pay OEM when you can do it your Self

    It took me 2 Hours to Install, Changed filters abnd new gasket, Complete Trans oil change Works greats, saved $400 doing it myself

  • Amazon Customer - Written Words Create Vivid Imagery and a Weave a Beautiful Journey to Find Love

    This was a beautifully told story that created such vivid images in my mind while reading it. The beauty of the water and the sun, the old villas, the charm of walking through an open air market. This all added to the heartbreaking beauty of Georgie and Gianluca's journey to find healing and love. So well written that I felt so much emotion and I also laughed quite a bit. Georgie was a quirky girl and her inner musings where very funny. The bit in the beginning about being "taken" was extremely funny! The book was a gem and I loved every written word.

  • Marcia C Santiago - Arthri-D3

    My mother uses it, she does not want to be with out it. She has severe pain in her knees, she is able to move around with less severity. She has been on this product for 4 yrs. she is totally committed to it . Thank you for making life bearable for many people whom otherwise be motionless and stricken with pain all day .

  • Darla Marie - It can charge my iPhone 6s Plus and my iPad pretty efficiently. It charges faster than a wall plug-in ...

    I use my external battery quite frequently. It can charge my iPhone 6s Plus and my iPad pretty efficiently. It charges faster than a wall plug-in in my opinion.

  • Weekend Woodworker - Not perfect as advertised

    These fit pretty well, there is only one section that bubbles away from one of the garnishes on the car which could let snow/ice into carpet area.

  • BlackHerring - Life changing product

    No, that is not hyperbole. I read about this on a cleaning blog written by a professional cleaner who said this was one of the few products she came back to again and again, so I decided to try it out.