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Home - Moving people and equipment to remote location servicing industries such as film, media, mining, surveying, scientific, exploration or private charter in our ultimate expedition vehicle for your outback Australian adventure

Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 151.2002 New South Wales, Australia

  • You'reAStar_890 - This product was not so great for my skin

    I have extremely sensitive, blemish prone skin and this did not work at all for me. After 4 days of use applying once a day, I had zits and my cheeks were red from using it. It was a waste of money for me and is just taking up space in my medicine cabinet now. I did like the pleasant orange smell, but I'm afraid to start using it again as I will probably get more zits and redness. I wish I could find an organic anti-aging product that works for me, but this was not it at all.

  • Catbird84 - but they look like young hawks flying in some kind of organized formation

    This is the ONLY product that we have ever found that is able to keep nearly every kind of wasp, hornet, etc away from our home way out here deep in the woods of MO. They are HUGE out here....not sure what they feed on other than us to get that size, but they look like young hawks flying in some kind of organized formation, with certain ones designated as the fighters, others as the actual dive bombers ( apparently fitted with modern targeting devices as they rarely miss our eyes ) and we appear to have nearly every species known to science hanging around our front door and entire home and 43 acres just looking for the opportunity to grab a roast size chunk of butt off off us at every opportunity.