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Welcome to UniMed & UniHealth Mfg. Ltd. - UniMed UniHealth began its journey in the year 1997 in Bangladesh by introducing life-saving and innovative pharmaceutical products from world class pharmaceutical companies.

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  • mike 2000 - Premium Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights

    I received a box of 6 and installed them as an accent border. I am impressed with the quality as the battery is in a socket and easily replaceable if needed. The point where the wires from the solar panel go into the housing is sealed well. Other brands have had poor quality control and not sealed well which lets water in and corrodes the electronics and battery terminals. If the day is sunny the lights will stay light until morning.

  • Hana Pugh - I saw that Kim Kardashian used this for her perfect selfies and had to find it for myself (pathetic

    I saw that Kim Kardashian used this for her perfect selfies and had to find it for myself (pathetic, I know. Bite me) My friends and I all have this and we love it. Sidebar: we aren't teeny boppers. We are 30 year old women with careers (I'm married with a child), but we like to post the occasional (or multiple) selfy and snapchat videos of ourselves. We spend quite a bit of dollars in Sephora, MAC, and on our hair and we spend countless hours on youtube learning how to perfect our winged eyeliner, highlight, and contour. This phone case allows us to show off our hard work. Kinda joking, but kinda serious. Anyway, you will love this case.

  • P Mizutani - A real life saver…

    When the woes of premenopausal just got to be too much for this human – I turned to my herbalist for advice. Honestly, their recommendations worked great but creating the teas and blends were a bit time consuming. Taking a cue from her advice on herb combinations, I was happy to discover many of the herbs present in Estrolibrium. This miracle in a bottle saves me precious time during the day and seems to offer up everything it claims. Give this a shot if you’re in that time of life…you’ll be glad you did!