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  • Beverly Hornberger - I love the new iPhone

    I bought an new iPhone 7 the day it came out. It was an upgrade from an iPhone 5. Yes, that is a big upgrade. I was also using a Galaxy Note 5 for work.

  • Morris Bacon - Handy knife for home projects

    Could be used for camping, however, I found this knife handy to keep in my pocket while working around the house. Blade is sharp and large enough to handle small jobs. It is somewhat large to carry in your pocket, but I have found clipping any knife on your belt results in lost knives.

  • Jessica V. - The best plan ever!

    This book is amazing! It is easy to follow Dr. Hyman's program. I have been addicted to coffee and sugar for my whole adult life so I was scared to start this program. I will admit that the first 4 days were rough, with headaches and intense pain in my joints and hips as I was detoxing. But I just finished day 10 and I am 9 pounds lighter and I have lost an astounding 20 inches all over my body. I also feel really, really good and I have been waking up without an alarm, which is crazy because usually I will press snooze for an hour before I am even ready to wake up. I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to feel healthier and reset their system. I'm so grateful to Dr. Hyman and this book!

  • windancer101 - review

    I bought the 2010 version, but am not ready for the Certified Professional Coders exam yet, so I got the updated version, because thngs change every year...

  • Midwest Book Review - For both casual casino visitors and people with a yearning

    Now in a newly updated 2002 edition, the American Casino Guide is a superbly presented and highly recommended reference for both casual casino visitors and people with a yearning to learn more about the games and their odds. From a comparison of the house edge in different casino games to a brief study and focus upon individual games such as slot clubs, slot machines, video poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, and much more, to a state-by-state listing of the best casinos, American Casino Guide has it all. The 2002 edition pays for itself not only in terms of strategies to improve one's gaming skills, but also in more than $1000 worth of valuable casino coupons that can be clipped out of the book itself! If you are planning a visit to the gaming tables of Atlantic City or Las Vegas, begin with the 2002 edition of the American Casino Guide!