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  • Joseph - First time good results. Second, not so much.

    These worked for me the first time I used them. I took a 6 month hiatus from them and they did nothing but make me hot and cold, which I understand is a function but I didn't get the energy or mental focus I did the first time taking them. Maybe the batch I got was expired?

  • david eisenman - RAH RAH RAH!

    Dr. Klatz is a chearleader for human growth hormone, a miraculous substance that is the new fountain of youth (!?) He idealizes bodybuilders; the substance itself sounds suspiciously like those wonderful anabolic steroids. I question somewhat the credibility of this book. To the author's credit, even HE says more research is needed on these substances.

  • Diane Kelly - Happy with my Aromatherapy

    The oils were delivered about a month ago, undamaged and in a timely manner. They were in perfect new condition.

  • tianna evertsen - I lost 20 lbs in 9 weeks!

    I absolutely LOVE Slim & Sassy! Over the course of 9 weeks in my best effort to eat healthier and exercise more often, I paired those two things with this oil and it has helped me reach my weight loss goal of 20 lbs!! 20 lbs in 9-10 weeks!! That's Crazy!

  • scanman1970 - My wife and I loved vinyl, but it had passed due to technology

    This item is absolutely a must have. My wife and I loved vinyl, but it had passed due to technology. I jumped on this as soon as I saw it. The item is nicely made and very stylish. It will fit in with any home entertainment system.

  • nictoanamide - It is loud. It works great

    4 stars only because for the application we wanted to use this in, it just isn't powerful enough. We wanted to play music in a large room, full of people. Probably my fault. For that type of situation, you just have to have a plug in PA system with 100 or 200 watts. I was hoping this would be enough but it wasn't. It is loud. It works great and it is powerful for home use. Don't think you are going to play to 70 people in a large public room though. It isn't enough for that.

  • Douglas Hulst - Awesome Product

    This product has met our expectations in every way. We not only can enter our own recepies, but can easily search the internet for new recepies! A+