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  • Suzanne - Easy on my sensitive tummy

    This is my third pregnancy so I have used many different brands of prenatal vitamins. Sadly, the reason why I have tried so many is because they have all made me horridly ill. I did not have any problems with this one. This is a huge deal for me. I also discussed it with my doctor just to make sure that it would be okay. Thank you for allowing me to purchase at a discount for the purpose of testing and reviewing. However, this has no bearing on my comments or opinions expressed. I have no connection to the seller or manufacturer. As always, my reviews are completely honest and unbiased.

  • Christine Pena - Totally Disappointed

    It's been two weeks now and my skin if finally back to normal. I followed the directions and did the skin test. So far so good. So then i proceeded on. I only used it in on a the typical target spots (upper lip and sides of face). For some reason an allergic reaction went haywire all over my face. The first day my cheeks were a little red. Keep in mind I did not apply this product to my cheeks. The next day, my face began to swell forcing my bottom eyelids to close my eyes. The third day, my entire face blistered. My face was so horrendous that I couldn't go outside without scaring little kids. Fortunately my friend is in the medical field. He brought over day and night time allergy meds. A week of OTC allergy pills and my inflamed, swollen, blistery face subsided. BUT this left me with a very leathery face. Thankfully, I am a BeautiControl consultant. A couple days of a mild chem peel and microderm abrasion removed the layer of leathery dead skin. I'm back to normal. This Oil of Olay Hair Removal product is in the trash!