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  • Dallas Deb - Don't buy this product for weight loss

    Amberen is heavily advertized on the radio as a "miracle" weight loss solution. I bought the product after only looking at reviews on the Amberen site --- should have looked at the reviews on AMAZON. My first clue that this is not a weight loss product was when it arrived and there is virtually nothing in the written materials accompanying the product talking about weight loss. I took Amberen for 45 days, even doubling the dose after about 25 days as recommended since I was not seeing any results. I DID NOT LOSE A POUND! This was particularly remarkable because I was dieting and working out 3-4 times a week (at least 60 min a session, often with a trainer) and SHOULD have been losing weight. I finally did more research and found out about the MSG added to Amberen, among other things. I quit taking Amberen and dropped 2 1/2 pounds in the first week. . .

  • anonymous mom - Norwex cloths beat all for wiping down my kitchen - ...

    Norwex cloths beat all for wiping down my kitchen - greasy stove, built-up gunk on the microwave, crumby counter, grime on cabinets...Just plain water and the cloth does the trick.

  • buffettfan - A useful menu of stocks to choose from.

    I reorder this book every year or two. It is a good book to read for people interested in learning about investing in individual large and/or medium size company stocks. It gives a synopsis of each company and what is attractive about investing in it and reasons for caution. The reason I chose this book and continue to reorder it, is that I am interested in the types of companies profiled in their 100 Best Stock lists and their investing style of holding their picks for longer periods of time rather than trading them. For this reason, only a handful (between 10 and 15) of the stocks change from year to year. Another plus is that they have the courage of their conviction and review the performance of their previous year's stock picks; something not seen too often in other books of this type.

  • richandmerry - Part of the deal included phone time with a product ...

    Part of the deal included phone time with a product rep to help me get started. When I emailed Nero about how to go about talking to someone, they ignored my question and sent me a general message that the manuals can be found online. Thanks for the bait and switch Nero.

  • Jewelz - Great product, been using for YEARS

    This product is amazing and wonderful! I have seen massive improvements since using this product along with ALL natural hair products. Stay away from the harsh chemical shampoos, they are no good for your hair at any age! Since I used this product and after many months (you have to give products like this TIME). My nails started growing like crazy, my hair is the longest it's been in 10 years. My nails are not weak or frail anymore either. I swear by this product and highly recommend. Please remember though, you must give this product time to work as your hair has a resting phase and a growing phase. So it's important to give it time to catch up. I am 45 and my hair looks like it did in my 20's. I have been taking this product now for at least 3 years, maybe 4 and it does not work overnight, but it DOES work! It's worth every penny and I notice a difference when I do not remember to take it.