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  • R. Rosini - Wait for the audiobook version

    While the printed version is good, I would have expected the publisher to have an audiobook version as well. A perfect companion for one's Ipod.

  • Raul - It is very good. This capsules made my life

    Omg. It is very good. This capsules made my life. I'm feeling better than months ago. For real, I recommend this product to all those people who have candida albicans.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Machine!

    NEARLY 1 YEAR LATER UPDATE: I wanted to update my review since it has been nearly a year since I bought it. I changed my review to 5 stars because the pain of putting it together and the lack of good assembly instructions has paled in comparison to the great performance of this elliptical. I spend 30 minutes a day on this elliptical and it still kicks my butt! I get a great workout, my back doesn't hurt, I have toned up all the way around and the ride is still as smooth as it was the day we put it together. I love the Sole E55 now more than I did the day I got it!

  • Robert W. Vanackooy - So good.

    Mice have been making homes in my 2002 Eclipse GT heater core and on top of the engine (and this is an outside car that doesn't stay parked for long periods of time). I've tried moth balls, dryer sheets, Irish Spring soap, etc. and finally stumbled upon this product (Fresh Cab). So far, it seems that Fresh Cab is doing its job to keep the mice out of my car (I placed four pouches in the engine area, one in the cabin, and one in the trunk). It has a Christmas tree smell and a LOT better than the odor of moth balls. I am hopeful that this product will continue to keep the pesky mice out of my car. I also have put strategically placed pouches of Fresh Cab in my garage to keep my other car safe from the pesky mice. I am currently impressed with Fresh Cab and am optimistic that it will continue to do its job. I currently am on schedule to get 12 pouches every 3 months, since the product loses effectiveness after 90 days.

  • Logan Brown - Don't forget underestimate how powerful this is..

    I finished my first bottle of Zantrex Black a few months ago. As I am hoping to shape up a little again, and was happy with my results previouslu, I purchased another bottle. I took one soft gel last night instead of a pre-workout and had a great workout. This morning I was planning on hitting the gym early, and thinking the dose last night didn't hit me very hard, I took 2 soft gels. Boy did I regret that! Taking two doesn't exactly have a perceived doubling effect, it's more exponential. I took it on an empty stomach and it came on like a freight train within 15 minutes. I had forgotten how powerful these are when your tolerance isn't built up yet and it was quite overwhelming. I actually upchucked one of the pills. Because of that I didn't get the redness, although I can feel the effects of the niacin in my face and neck. If you take this, be sure to start slow. It has different effects depending on the time of day you take it. But after several days, you'll be up to full dosage and get the full benefits. While I messed up, I still give this 4 stars. If it weren't for the dramatic onset and need to hide for a half hour after it coming, or risk someone thinking I have some sort of rash or condition due to the redness it creates initially, it would get the full 5 stars.

  • djlewsic - it works great. It's not loud

    When I'm not using it as a paper weight, it works great. It's not loud. A person can sleep while another is working out. Definitely suggest the purchaser also buys a mat to go underneath this machine.