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    Country:, North America, US

    City: -96.8217 Texas, United States

  • Matthew Mosqueda - Great for beginner- mid level player

    This deck is a great idea and has potential to be a tier 1 deck. A lot of people are complaining about it not having Marsh Flats or Thoughtseize but Wizards isn't going to just give us a pre-made tier 1. Besides they wouldn't just reprint one fetch land for an event deck. The idea behind this deck is for new players that are unfamiliar with the game to get started and help them build a strategy and get a feel for the game, or in this case the "Modern" format. If this had all the "money cards" people are looking for it would defeat the purpose of the deck being used as a teaching tool for newer players, experienced players would just buy it and gut it out for trade bait. This is probably by far the most competitive and complete Event Deck ever constructed and hopefully we will have many more to come.

  • Gilbert - Houston Tx - CALLIBRATION is an ISSUE!

    Great design and functionality - HOWEVER - the callibration is off and there are no instructions on how to get it corrected.

  • Amazon Customer - Great experience

    Super fast getting this computer. The computer worked right out of the box, and was shipped very securely. I love this new set up, I came from a macbook pro, and this is much faster than my 5 year old laptop. I got a dead keyboard, but cyberpower is sending me out a new one. I love this computer so far! It was actually cheaper to buy this than to build a new one.