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  • Busch97 - Garbage!

    I've owned this item for a year now, used it maybe 20 times using the instructions/recipes included, and have yet to produce anything remotely edible from it. It consists of a small heating element and a fan that blows the warm air around; there definitely is no "heating the food from the inside out", it barely gets the outside warm. I have to cook items two or more times as long as a conventional oven to heat up food to the point it even registers on a meat thermometer. Complete garbage (which is where this item now resides).

  • J. Zhang - easy to use. worth of the money

    I used to use turbo tax, and it worked well for me. I purchased H&R when it was on sale, and I am happily surprised that H&R Block worked as well as Turbo Tax, and saved me tons of time. I recommend Home Deluxe if you trade stocks, bonds, or have mortgage...

  • Gillian L. Rosheuvel - Introducing

    It's interesting to view this album through the lens of history. Whether aware of it or not, most music fans are quite familiar with Massive and the long shadow they've cast over pop music. But 11 years ago, the mix of musical styles that would later come to be termed (somewhat simplistically) trip-hop was new and invigorating. Listening to it in 2002, "Blue Lines" has the effect of taking you back to the year of your choice: 1975 ("Be Thankful For What You've Got"), 1988 ("Daydreaming"); 1991 ("Lately"). Yet, this album is no retro piece. Instant classics like "Safe From Harm", "Unfinished Sympathy", and "Five Man Army" herald new approaches to hip-hop and dance music in particular, and pop music in general.

  • S. Duck - Time Will Tell

    So far, we've had a decent experience with this treadmill. I'll list some "cons" first. As others have mentioned, it isn't exactly easy to put together. Don't be fooled by the "fold up" feature; it still takes up space. The walkway is also rather heavy, and you have to pull out a latch while holding it (the walkway) up to secure it in the "folded" position. This may be fine for fit young people in their 20s, but not so easy for those with back problems. The walkway does not have a lot of padding, so you have to be sure to wear good shoes. Other than that, it's a treadmill. We haven't had any of the mechanical problems (so far) that some people have experienced. It tilts up to provide an "incline" for more varied walking, and it has a number of preinstalled programs for burning a certain amount of calories, for walking a certain amount of time, etc. Time will tell how it hold up under light/normal use.

  • evelyn - grat quality and convience

    this was a very, very, convienient way to get a good quality product. We have many cook outs and family gathering and I always had a great supply of a good quality plate. I never worried about leaking or cutting through the plate even with bbqed steaks.