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  • snnoopy - Hotronic battery pack

    Great item for replacing only one battery. Of course after I replaced it I learned that if your batteries haven't been charged in months, you need to let them charge for at least 8 hours.

  • Rumplestiltsskin - Terrible Strap Mechanics

    Lady biker here. I got my first Timbuk2 bag in 2002, and loved it. I had it for 12 years, but it started turning funny colors and the pouch in front ripped, so it was time to replace it. However, this one seems more cheaply made and didn't seem like it was actually made for someone who commutes on their bike. It was annoying that there are less large pockets in the bag, but I could have dealt with that. My biggest grip is the strap. The little locking mechanism to keep the strap from suddenly unfurling and the bag falling down past my butt was constantly opening. Everytime I slid the bag around to my front to grab something, it would open and I'd have to catch the bag or because the strap would suddenly open to its full length. I commute on my bike and I take public transportation. So I really like being able to slide the bag to the front of my body to quickly grab my cell phone or my wallet, depending on where I'm going. It's extremely inconvenient for the strap to constantly unfurl.

  • shanv1020 - Same product and much cheaper on Amazon...

    Although I was hesitant to purchase this due to all the reviews saying the formula has changed, mine arrived with the old packaging and label and I don't notice a difference from the product that I purchased at my local pharmacy. I love this renewal creme and have noticed a big difference in my skin since using it. I also love the price point difference.....almost 2 for the price of one here on Amazon.

  • Alexandra Creamer - Great

    I think this is amazing trio to have.. if you don't know what to get from this brand, I think this is as good as it gets.. It works wonder for processed, dry and hair that gets straighten. Make sure to used it the right way for best results. I always were a shower cop for 5-10 minutes when applying the mask, it helps it makes the hair absorbed the nutrients better.

  • K. Taylor - Great Elliptical for Home Use

    I purchased the Sole E35 from Dick's Sporting Goods (same price as Amazon) earlier this year. It's been great. Our whole family uses it. It's heavy, durable, and has a much smoother and more even stride than some of the less expensive models. We wanted to spend less than but for the extra money the E35 blew away cheaper models.