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  • Lisa D - Acne and melasma attention!!!!

    I purchased the Basic Beauty set(100) from Dinair website and was really kinda shocked that I had to pay 70 can dollars for S&H :( to canada. When I got it i thought it better be worth the S&H expenses. So I unbowed it and gave it a try the next day.....

  • Pete - Works, but there is a better product

    Ran out of this product halfway thru spraying it on a concrete roof in Florida. Purchased a similar competitive product, Spray & Forget from local HD. S&F is working much better than this product after one month since application. I do have hopes that this product will eventually catch up in its cleaning performance on the roof, but if I was a betting man.....

  • Patricia - Good coverage, but caused an allergic reaction

    Bought this on 11/27 for my hereditary dark circles. A little goes a long way. I bought a concealer brush to be able to blend well. Coverage was good, and my circles were less noticeable, so long as it is well blended and set with powered. I did have to touch up and re-blend because it does settle a bit in lines. I don't wear makeup every day but I used it on the 29th and on dec 1. on Saturday night i felt an itch under my right eye. i woke up to ugliest puffiness. I iced my eyes most of the day. i used it again on sunday (because it just hadn't dawned on me that it was the concealer that was causing my issues. On monday the itching and puffiness was even worse. I thought maybe it was seasonal allergies, but i have never experienced symptoms like that. I thought it might be another product, but i didn't discontinue using that product, only the concealer. For the past week, I've been applying ointments, taking Claritin, allergy eye drops, and today my eyes are almost back to normal. I definitely experienced an allergic reaction. I bought a drug store brand concealer In the meantime and used it today without a reaction. I also returned this product. A shame too, because it was not cheap.

  • Cougar12 - Doesn't do anything

    It was a great mositurizer but did something to smooth out the appearance of cellulite. I am 5' 11" and 150 lbs. I have cellulite a bit in my thighs. All this did was make my skin super soft and moisturized. I have had better luck using Jergen's Firm Gradual Tanner and its half the price. I wouldn't recommend spending the money.

  • GadgetGuy - It solved an old and annoying problem.

    I am impressed. The reviews are right. I had horrible network at home. Tried eberything. Numerous routers, providers, repeaters. And nothing gave me decent reception. And in less than 15 minutes, I have 5 bars everywhere. Solid.