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  • Roy Aber - do not waste your money!

    We bought Restore to finish our upper deck and save us from having to re-stain it every 2-3 years. This stuff ain't cheap and a gallon doesn't cover very much area. And, you have to apply two coats so your investment begins to increase exponentially. After one Pennsylvania winter the Restore is peeling and flaking off in large chunks. And, yes, we followed the instuctions to the letter.

  • Nicholas Notestine - This machine is great for the price

    This machine is great for the price. Been using it 7 months now, still produces great creama and no difference in performance. The only tiny small gripe I have is the coffee scoop. The scoop end is a bit wide, so you end up spilling a bit of coffee outside the filter every time... certainly not a deal breaker but a small annoyance. Otherwise this machine is pretty darn good.

  • C. Gardner - I love it!

    I loved this product so much that I bought one for my father. I love the fact that I can make any type of carbonated beverage whenever I have the craving. Out of all the sample flavors that came with it, I was happy with all of them. Root Beer tastes just like Barqs, Dr. Pete is very similar to Dr. Pepper, and Coke tastes very similar to coke. All in all, I am very pleased with the flavor imitations and think this product will be great.

  • Toyz - Bad software

    After reading all the bad reviews I still bought the software after quicken forced me to upgrade from an older version. Now all my accounts are totally off. It does not show the payments from my checking/savings to the credit card accounts which has created a big imbalance.

  • Cynthia Tullis - I really like this. But not sure on how to make ...

    I really like this. But not sure on how to make the most of it and receive all of my game pieces and coins with out going to game store and buying something. I need some help at times.