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  • Mecca - Great Light.

    I recieved this light yesterday and so far I have been pleasantly surprises at how much light this can throw. I have been searching a small flashlight that wouldn't break the bank and the TN12 made good on that. I plan on using this light as my EDC because of the 5 different settings and the strobe. Very well constructed, kneeling is great in the hands and light enough to forget about it being in my pocket. The clip itself is very strong, almost to much as I have trouble putting in my pants but that will eventually work itself out. Only complaint is that the clip should of came from the factory all black, but that is an easy fix.

  • George V. - Another winner from KasKing

    Still putting the reel thru its paces. The centrifugal/magnetic cast control works very well (as advertised) . It does have a soft thumbar spool release & the cast control dial on the left sideplate of reel is slightly soft when changing settings. All in all, I like the reel very much. It has a good power handle, casts extremely well & the cast control is easily adjustable to varying lure weights. Did I mention the reels light weight of about 7 oz ? A very impressive baitcaster & the price is right.

  • Dutch J - Love this calendar

    Love this calendar. Very relaxing and I can leave it beside computer and see a week at a time. Bonus is the filling in the pictures with my gel pens.

  • Nick - The Definitive Book on the Trump Campaign Thus Far and a Recipe for Your Own Personal Success

    Mike Cernovich is the world's leading mindset expert, he practices what he preaches. MAGA Mindset offers a compelling analysis of the political, cultural and social forces that propelled Trump as well as his extraordinarily ambitious mindset that has led him to the brink of winning the presidency of the United States. Perhaps more importantly, Cernovich gives readers Donald Trump's mindset blueprint to follow to make their own lives exceptional.

  • Abby - Like this serum!

    I so love Retinol serums. VItamin A is so great for your face, and I always try to get the 2.5% formulation. This product contains all the things that you would normally find in this kind of serum: hyaluronic acid, green tea, and vitamin E. As with many serums, it's not particularly hydrating, but if you've bought these products before, you're aware of that already. Just don't expect this to replace a moisturizer, but rather add it to your moisturizer. It does brighten skin and make my skin tone more even - my skin drinks it in and loves it.

  • Mr. Edward - Great recipes for all you Harry Potter fans out there

    Great recipes for all you Harry Potter fans out there! Now you can eat what you see in the movies and read about in the books.