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  • Mike E. - The BEST version of this classic Dickens tales

    This 1951 version is perhaps the finest version of the classic Charles Dickens' story of Christmas hope and redemption, "A Christmas Carol". It is far superior to the 1935 and 1935 versions, and even holds its own against more modern tellings of this tale. It has a very dark beginning, almost a horror film, with some wonderful special effects and scary surprises. Scrooge is wonderfully played by the great Alistair Sim, who plays the money-grasping Scrooge as if it was written for him. Plus, a wonderful supporting cast including Michael Hordern as Marley, Patrick MacNee ('The Avengers') as the youthful Marley and a wonderful performance by by Jack Warner as the cunning and deviously carefree Mr. Jorkin who first steals Scrooge and Marley from Mr. Fezziwig (Roddy Hughes) and then embezzles the company's funds until Scrooge and Marley acquire controlling interest and take over the counting house. In well played flashbacks, young Scrooge (played by Alastair Sim's good friend and protege George Cole) is shown his past, present and future in some touching scenes, such as his sister Fan's (Carol Marsh) tragic death in childbirth of Scrooges nephew Fred (Brian Worth), who Scrooge blames for Fan's death. Scrooge is also seen losing the love of his life Miss Flora (Elenor Summerfield) to his greed for money. Rounding out the cast is Kathleen Harrison as Mrs. Dilber, Scrooge's housekeeper and Mervyn Johns and Hermoine Baddely as Scrooge's clerk Bob Cratchit and his wife, and a sly performance by Miles Malleson as Old Joe, the rag and bone man that dickers for Scrooge's possesions after he's dead, and Ernest Thesiger as the creepy Undertaker. I had an earlier version of this DVD that was introduced by Pactrick MacNee, and it was my understanding that Charles Dickens' great granddaughter viewed the film and said she though it was the best version and closest to Dickens' tale as she had ever seen. Highly Recommended ***** stars!

  • Deuce's boss - A lifesaver when you have arthritis pain

    It ha;s helped me regain mobility lost to arthritis pain. Very good product. It does not upset my stomach. Love it

  • Woodsy Girl - Exceeded expectations!

    We liked the first set of 3 cream pillowcases so much, we ordered another set as backup. Very nice quality, plush & thick enough that the dark pillow we placed inside didn't show through, even under the pale covering. Very happy!

  • Breemomma - Fits my infant car seat but lacks ANY storage

    I researched and researched for MONTHS to find a lightweight compact stroller that would work with my infant car seat. With three kids and a Mazda 5 minivan with very limited trunk space- I needed a stroller that would fit in the tight space and still work with my car seat. I thought about a stroller frame but decided not to get one because I would need to buy another stroller with my baby grew out of the car seat. I really wanted to get a maclaren. One of their strollers works with infant car seats but it's $350 and I couldn't justify spending that much money. After looking online I went to the local big box baby superstore and checked out their strollers. I tried a bunch and even took a couple out to my car to see if they fit in my trunk. (After asking the sales people of course). Nothing fit as well as this one.

  • Greg B. - Far above all other blenders

    I got this item to replace my old blender that I purchased at wal-mart. My main purpose for blending is for smoothies in the morning (yogurt, greens and berries) and for making salad dressing or other cooking liquids.