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  • Jewelry Magic - Thorough and great

    As with all the great Dummies books, this one follows suit. It is thorough and covers all that you need to navigate Quickbooks 2012 as a newbie or an Advanced user needing an update. Highly suggest it.

  • Rae J. - Didn't Live Up to My Expectations

    I wanted to ADORE this product and the scent was what almost seduced into doing so. If you love coconut, the scent will not disappoint. However, it personally made my hair feel dry and crackly and not truly moisturized. I couldn't bear the texture and was afraid to comb through and have my hair break. So, I washed my hair with my old shampoo and conditioner and felt better. It's not all-natural as advertised either, look up some of the ingredients. Although, to give credit, it does not contain as many harsh/harmful chemicals as other brands. It is gentle despite having an ingredient or two that cannot qualify as organic. I used it on my younger sister's hair and it worked fine. My sister's hair is thicker and wavy, and mine is also thick but curlier. So certain hair types can benefit more :]

  • Donna Holstine Vander Valk - Don't be a statistic

    I'm writing from San Francisco, where the Orogold store is "conveniently" located in front of the cable car stop. They employ good looking young people with foreign accents to hand out samples. I, unthinkingly, took one. Then the con was on. He literally harassed me at the stop, guessing my age (he was right - you should have seen the horror on his face - after all, I was supposed to be 5 years older, right?). He then tried to get me in the store. No way. I ended up hailing a cab just to get away. Btw, do check out the review history of the five star reviews: they're reviewing many of the same products, and in one case, ALL of them reviewed the same (other) product in addition to Orogold.

  • Daniel Andrade - 500+ lb issue

    I see the weight issue. If two average people sleep on the bed ... you have to add the weight of your heavy mattress and box spring balanced on that cross beam. I used this as a wrap and used my existing metal frame with feet with the box and mattress so there's no weight on the ikea frame. It's sturdy, look nice and my wife is happy.

  • Amazon Customer - Beautiful and exceptionally crafted

    Been buying these ornaments for my wife since we started dating. Just as beautiful as every year. I personally love how they throw light of the tree if you hang them in front of a bulb just right. Will be buying this series for many years to come.

  • Toy Quest Mama - Look for deals!!!

    We bought a year subscription (10 issues) through Groupon for $10. I've seen them come through a few times now so if you want to order this great magazine but the price is keeping you from doing it look around. There are deals out there if you are patient!

  • golfman - good after engine cleaning

    After using simple green on my engine I used this. gives a nice coating and shine. I wouldn't lay it on too thick, I would do a couple of light coats after letting it dry. I was happy with the results.