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City: 30.5233 , Ukraine

  • Christina Vazquez - Not what I wanted.

    I thought this was a smaller planner, it's the size of a notebook/coloring book. Too big to carry in purse. It's a nice looking planner but it's more of a coloring book.

  • G. Watling - Great fit

    The antenna on my 2011 Rav4 went missing during a vacation (vibrated out? stolen?) and I bought this as a replacement. It fits perfectly and my radio sounds great again. I secured it with some medium-strength loctite to keep it in place.

  • Reviewed - A must have!!

    “Did the installation myself. It's really amazing being able to control my old Hunter timer that I installed 15 years ago from my iPhone. Installation was straight forward. Since the Hunter timer does not have a rain sensor terminal, I used the common wire installation. Worked like a charm!”

  • Yaya - Camera not picking you up? Please read on...

    For those of you having an issue with the camera not picking you up on ps4, if you have followed all on screen directions, go to the camera setting on your ps4 and follow the on screen directions (there is only one option) Make sure your face is in the box all three times. And it picks it up. This should fix the problem as long as you have the camera at least 5 feet off the ground, at least 6.5 feet in front of you, proper lighting, anf your whole body in the camera frame.