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  • DMarie - ... with my annual physical and it all came back excellent and cholesterol dropped significantly

    I just had routine blood work to coincide with my annual physical and it all came back excellent and cholesterol dropped significantly. I don't know if the Liver Cleanse was totally the reason but I had just completed two rounds of it before the lab work. I have not made any other changes and would be interested to know if anyone else had a similar experience.

  • Salome - I have recommended this tea to my friends

    This product does what exactly is says it does. It cleans your Colin and leaves you feeling energetic. I have recommended this tea to my friends, and will continue recommending it to more people.

  • john rubis - A marginal OEM replacement

    Pros: It works with my 2008 Tacoma. Programmed on the first try. Range seems to equal the OEM version.

  • Amazon Customer - Great for color treated and overworked hair!

    I have very treated hair. I color it, bleach it, then change in the fall and do something else. This keeps my hair silky smooth without feeling greasy or oily. You only have to use about nickel size in your palm and good all day. I do use a conditioner first and then apply to wet hair and blow dry as usual. I have long hair so it keeps me tangle free all day. Love it!

  • M. Bradley - Very Very Pleased

    I am very pleased with this machine. I only wish they included better assembly instructions. All they gave me was an exploded view diagram, which is OK since I'm mechanically inclined. I did have to use the hypothetico-deductive method to figure out which bolts and washers were being identified by the various diagram codes(C1,B2,etc..). I created a very organized bolt-label system before I picked up a wrench.

  • rotts9 - Great treadmill!

    Bought it for husband to get him exercising and back into shape. He has never used it, but I sure started investing some and effort on it and have over 300 miles on it already. Great investment! Good speed and incline options.

  • Alexandra Jones - So fast and so amazing! Good stuff! Fine with my cats (but still keep out of pets reach just in case).

    Can't say enough good stuff about this good stuff. I live in the south of France and over the years more and more German roaches (apparently the worst kind) had been appearing, it went from a few a year to a few a day to over 50 a day! I have 5 cats (whoever says cats keep them away is wrong....or mine are lazy!) and didn't want to put a poison down as I worried about it poisoning them. I knew I could put it in places where they wouldn't go but I worried if they ate a poisoned roach it could harm them. So I researched and tried many natural ideas, catnip and bay leaves to keep them away, they walked over them, condensed sweet milk mixed with baking soda, they walked right past the balls, sugar and bicarb they ate it but never found any dead ones! It got so bad eventually that I was killing more than 20 each time I went in the kitchen, they had moved into the bedrooms (nests under the bed, in my drawers, in my clothes!), lounge, bathroom....EVERYWHERE and if I dared to turn on the kitchen light in the middle of the night it was like something out of a horror movie with hundreds of them scattering for cover!! They were even crawling on me in my sleep to the point I started sleeping with the light on so I could splat them and felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown! Enough was enough, I realised my splatting and hoovering them up was a losing battle.