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  • The Case For Socialism - myra bradwell's lawyer on appeal, senator matthew hale carpenter, argued in favor of the state legislation in the slaughter-house cases.

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  • Kia Simpson - This comb attachment definitely detangles and doesn't fell flimsy when ...

    This comb attachment definitely detangles and doesn't fell flimsy when you pull it through, however, it does not stay on the dryer. It plopped off literally on the 2nd pass through. I had to hold it onto the dryer to get it to stay on. I eventually got tired of letting my hands burn and took it off. If the company works on the attachment piece, I would be a fan. Unfortunately, I used it today and am returning it immediately

  • Amazon Customer - You get what you paid for.

    VR headgear fits well and is comfortable. However, I can still see edge of phone on the iPhone 6s plus. The remote that came with the headset is able to connect via bluetooth but I can only control the volume with it and nothing else.

  • George Michael Sherry - Completely adequate

    This is a modern problem: Because I write very few checks nowadays, I ran out of space in my check registers long before I ran out of checks, and had to buy some registers separately. These registers are completely adequate (and, really, how much more can I expect out of a check register?) The only reason I didn't give them five stars is that the spaces are a little smaller than I was used to. I put a lot of information in my check register (details about the purchases) and this register feels slightly cramped. If all you do is note the minimum information (date, payee, amount, balance) they will be perfectly fine. And even if you add more information like I do, and you need more than one line to note it all, the registers are economical enough that using more space is not a big deal.

  • Sandra J McDonough - It was a snap!

    The crossbars arrived in a timely fashion. Directions were clear and they look great on my new car. Used them twice and no problems!

  • C. R. Krieger - One Great Read!

    Guilty as Sin is full of inside knowledge and reads as fast as a novel. I would like to have Hillary's crowd read it but, of course, they won't. Tump followers will devour it!