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Swifto | NYC Dog Walking with GPS Tracking | - Dog Walking in NYC with GPS tracking, text alerts, live photos and private dog walks by experienced insured dog walkers.

  • become-dog-walker | Swifto | NYC Dog Walking with GPS Tracking - Time FliesWhen you spend your day playing with dogs, time just flies by. No more sitting in a boring office job waiting for the day to be over.One On One WalksAll Swifto dog walkers are responsible for one dog at a time. No pack walks!
  • Become a Dog Walker | Swifto | NYC Dog Walking with GPS Tracking - Find out what it takes to become a Swifto NYC Dog Walker and why we have the best dog walkers in the world! Our extensive hiring process takes into account background, experience, passion, and a myriad of other key traits.
  • Swifto's Training Process | Swifto | NYC Dog Walking with GPS Tracking - Swifto’s hiring process is rigid and taken very seriously. The 1% of hired applicants are expected to uphold the values and duties that a Swifto dog walker entails. We pride ourselves on our high quality care, reliability, and qualified and professional employees. To instill this message, our walkers undergo a four-step training process. During this training period, we work alongside walkers to give them the necessary skills they need in order to be a successful and stellar dog walker.
  • Dog Walking/Visit Rates | Swifto | NYC Dog Walking with GPS Tracking - Dog Walker Prices and Rates in New York City. Swifto offers unbeatable prices for the excellent service we provide!
  • Contact Us | Swifto | NYC Dog Walking with GPS Tracking - Our offices are located at 349 5th Avenue, NYC, NY, 10016We service Manhattan, Long Island City and certain areas of Brooklyn between the hours of 6AM and 11PM 7 days a week. Our office hours are Monday- Friday from 9AM-6PM. (855) 967-5486

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