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  • km in tx - didn't work

    Im doing zumba 3 times a week, and taking this everyday. after 3 weeks, there's no difference except my curves. I have toned due to Zumba. My advice.. skip the pills.. After spending 100's on them, ive decided to get out there and work at it.. It's helping. No miracle drug here. just a waste of money.

  • Thomas R Chalmers - Excellent tool

    The book and the software are a great combination. The software was easy to use, and the book helped to explain the entire process. Very handy combination.

  • Kenystlded - Excellent Pet Finder

    We use Tile to help locate our cat. She was a rescue from the local shelter and she insists on going outside. My wife however insists that the cat must come in at night. This meant there were some nice summer nights where we were up until very late looking for our cat. Since putting the Tile on her collar we have had great success with finding her or just knowing when she is home. It has also helped us determine where she likes to hang out thus greatly shortening our search times. It would be nice if the signal had more range, but considering it uses Bluetooth it isn't horrible. I would rate the range at a maximum of 1/2 the average city block. It can also be as little as a few feet if your pet is under something like a parked car.

  • Alice In Wonderland - Third times the charm!

    This is my third stroller for our almost 9 month old baby! I was all set on purchasing the Baby Jogger City Mini (as many who buy the Britax B-Agile have mentioned) when the salesperson said that she recommended the B-Agile over the BJCM. She pointed to all the "better thought out" features and the one that really stood out was the brake bar in the back. I'm not that tall (5'5") but even I could see myself kick that bar every time I would use the stroller. I also hated the look of the brake bar -- it was so large and unappealing. Plus, trying to press on the brake was tough; getting it to disengage was even tougher. But I LOVED all the color combos of the BJCM, the handle bar was a tad taller, the canopy a smidgen longer and the most important fact: that it was the original with that ingenious seat handle one-fold design. I like to support original design! But I couldn't help but be distracted by the brake bar. My second stroller is the Uppababy G-Luxe and we both tend to step on the back wheels when using it so I knew that if many others have complained about the brake bar then it's probably going to happen for us as well. My 2nd stroller is lightweight but just not the right one for frequent use. I wanted something super durable that wouldn't take up all of my trunk space! My usual stroller was a travel system Chicco Keyfit 30 Cortina. It has done me proud. I found it extremely easy to unfold and fold and attach the car seat for seamless, "covered" naps. But it really took up the full horizontal length of my trunk. And I realized that I would like to get my trunk back. At least 1/2 of it! So that's where I came to search for my 3rd and hopefully final stroller...(unless that is I have another baby!)...

  • Sylvia A. Aronson - Yogi Tea, Calm Bedtime

    As an individual who has difficulty falling asleep, I have tried a number of natural products to make it easier to fall asleep. A friend recommended Yogi Bedtime Tea and I have found that it works well for me. I also found that it is wise for me to get in bed and drink it there, it works that well for me.

  • ConnieWood - Excellent

    I too the Energy Greens for many months and noticed a big difference in my energy level at first, and kept feeling good the whole time. I ran out and tried to find something similar at stores. I looked everywhere and found nothing, so I am back on the "Greens". I think the powder absorbes better in my system than a pill or capsule. Even though I try to eat healthy the "Greens" fill in what I miss and I feel good again.