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  • Mavis Shanks - Better than a mechanic

    I have a 12 year old Lazer Z mower that was running rough and wouldn't hardly start. I thought the engine was wearing out. A trip to small engine place actually did nothing. Then i starrted reading about ethanol and the damage it causes to small engines especially.

  • Amanda - Decent as a secondary resource

    Decent but I would not use this as my only resource for the gre test. However i would not use just one thing i would use every app on your phone every practice you can find online and every gre book you can find.

  • Electronics lover - Not an antivirus...disappointed

    This is not an antivirus, it only blocks viruses. If you want something that blocks and cleans your files and system, this is not the product. Should have read more carefully the description.

  • Voiceguy - When You Need Extra Cleaning Power

    I didn't even know that Waterpik devices were still around, but when I recently started orthodontic treatment as an adult, it was highly recommended that I use a Waterpik daily. Nowadays I tend to look on Amazon first for anything I need, and I shouldn't have been surprised to find Waterpik units here. This one appeared to be at or near the top of the line, and seemed like just the ticket. It also appears that the company has incorporated a number of nice improvements over the years, and I think it's worth getting this high-end model to take advantage of them.

  • mark erickson - Baby soft feet .... I can't believe it at 56

    I'm a 56 year old male who has in the past 2 years developed serious cracked heals. I have been using a sanding board to take down the callous and that has worked well but the cracks still presented. I started using Flexitol about a month ago with regularity. I put the product on my feet liberally after showering and before bed. I wore socks to bed that night. In addition, I applied in the morning after showering then socks then shoes. I haven't been consistent with applying 2x per day but this is the way I applied and I have for the last month more or less kept to a schedule on average of getting an application on 1x per day although there have been days when I haven't applied the product. BOTTOM LINE .... is my heal cracking has improved DRAMATICALLY if not disappeared all together w/in 30 days of this type of use. I am thrilled to death as these cracks have been persistent for several years. The bottoms of my feet now look like a new born and I couldn't be more please. NO NEED TO LOOK FOR SOMETHING ELSE. I just order 2 more tubes as I intend to continue the treatment as a preventative. My results where achieved in total with the use of about 75% of a 4 oz tube. I'm sold on this stuff. Great product .... great price !!!

  • Drew - 2014 Grammy nominees

    I wanted to add this to my collection of nominees CDs. This is what I like in some newer music. You hear it on the radio but may not want to buy all the CDs from all the artists or invest in time finding and downloading each one.

  • Alice Doll - Lip plumper

    This lip plumper has a nasty artificial chocolate flavor and kinda made my teeth hurt. It burns and its effectiveness seems to be minimal, I would suggest buying something else.