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  • Vinny - Will not Recommend this product

    I was looking for a Tablet which is decent (not that fancy)but at-least work ok...........It looks like it will do the job just fine, but i am very disappointed in spending $125 on this ......

  • J. DeLabar - smooth as GLass

    I’m flush with excitement as I write this review. I had to sit down and calm down, wood I be able to do it justice? No plastic prose from me, but I’m Johnny on the spot no worries. Still writer block is often a great wall to overcome. Number 1 do I really need this book? But number 2 can I pass it at such a price? Luckily the paper work is always easy with Amazon. The choice is clear as running water. Don’t get cold seat commit to it.

  • Joe Vitessa - Walking Dead, I'm walking away...

    Ugh. Crossed the line from cool, apocalyptic zombie show to homicidal guts and gore. I disliked last season's finale, with Negan's drawn-out, cliche-ridden diatribe, and this season's premiere promises more of the same. Just not that interested. Governor, I miss you. Walking Dead, after all these years together, I'm walking away...

  • Kindle Customer - This is the Manuka honey producer I want to support

    This company is committed not just to creating a quality product, but to maintaining the highest standards in its field. Please go and read through their website. They are dedicated to healthy hives and take no shortcuts. The majority of manuka producers are in the northern part of the country. The wide range of the bees creates higher risk of undesirable elements in the honey, as the producers cannot vouch for clean vegetation. This company, located in the south, has a much wider range of clean land for their hives. The range exceeds the flight distance of the hives, resulting in known product and no worries about unwanted pesticide or other contaminant exposures. This company does not supplement their hive with sugar water during the winter months, a health injuring practice most others follow. This company does not harvest 100% of the honey from its hives, as this practice is also injurious to the colony. Most other producers do. This company does not mess with the found in nature level of active enzymes. Other companies do. To preserve raw enzymes, they warm their honey just enough to pour, approximating hive temperature on a summer day. And they use non toxic natural interventions for hive pests. They are incredible caretakers, adhering to standards much higher than those of their competitors. Wedderspoon is practicing a true caretaker model. It is more work, resource and time intensive. They have my support and my respect. I won't be buying Manuka from anyone else.

  • Daniel Clark - The sound quality is good and it feels good around the ears but I ...

    The sound quality is good and it feels good around the ears but I give it a 2 because if I put my phone in my pants back pocket it cuts out. That is the reason I bought it was to be hands free.

  • DillaWest - My 2011 feels like a 2015!!

    After upgrading my ram, I realized it wasn't enough of the boost I wished to see on my early 2011 Macbook Pro. Previously, my computer would take about 2 minutes to boot up, downloading a file would make the computer work extra hard and the fan would start spinning, and opening up iPhoto took several minutes to start up. Installing 8gb of ram was the first step towards the right direction but I needed speed and less battery consumption.

  • Cassie - The song selection is great and it is very entertaining for groups

    Got this for a 15 year old girl and she and her friends play it every time they come over. The song selection is great and it is very entertaining for groups. I could see this being a lot of fun for younger kids or adults as well. It's very fun to watch even if you aren't playing, great party game!