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  • mark16 - I've tried them all and this one is the best!! I use invisible glass when I clean ...

    INCREDIBLE PRODUCT! I use this on the inside and outside of my car windshield/windows and it truly is completely STREAK FREE. The liquid inside the can has no color added to it when you spray it on your windows. Many other glass cleaning brands either have soap residues or colored dyes added to them and they always leave a noticeable streak behind. Trust me, I've tried them all and this one is the best!! I use invisible glass when I clean my outdoor glass table after winter. It completely takes off all dirt and grime and makes the table look brand new every year. You definitely won't regret trying this product!!

  • KmariaP - hair feels soft, i like the scent too

    I used this hair masque today for the first time and I was skeptical. The consistency is thick, almost like a clay face masque. The scent was nice enough, not to chemically or offensive but not amazing. It's kind of what I expected for this kind of product. The masque goes on after you shower onto damp hair. I paused my shower and applied it mid-shower and put on the disposable shower cap provided. I loved the little packs this comes in too. So cute, 8 in all. After the suggested time of 5 mins I rinsed and thought my hair felt a tiny bit dry so I followed up with conditioner. I happened to have the Pura D'or hair loss conditioner so I used that. It helped a lot. My hair is dry now and I still smell the scent from the masque, but it is pleasant. My hair feels moisturized and I like the result. I'm very happy with this purchase.

  • OTWellness - Will definitely be buying more!

    These chairs are so comfortable! My husband and I have both been having back issues, so we unpacked and set them up as soon as we got them to try them out. Set up (or lack there of - it was really just pulling them out of the box) was really easy. The chairs were so comfortable upon our first try that they have never even made it to our back porch - they're still in our living room! We will definitely be buying another set of these.

  • Hellodude - Tax Filing at Good price

    I have been using H&R Block Deluxe for few years now and it is good. I got it from Amazon early Jan for great price(same as last year).

  • Slinda - How to begin to database like the big boys

    I started with database programs in the 80's. And began learnng to write expressions with a dos based program called Q&A, so know what it is to sit at a computer screen and growl at it when it doesn't do what you tell it. maybe it wouldn't surprise you if I told you Jo public thinks I'm a crazy person to have bought this program again and to use it, rather than the more basic types, esp since I"m not working, or self employed at the moment. But I'm specific as hell, and wanted something that would offer me power and choices-those that aren't illegal or immoral, that is.