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  • Nadeem - Fell off my Wall! Costs more money to mount for many TVs!

    I had to spend another $10 to get an attachment straight from the company in order to mount my TV. 3 months later it literally just fell off my wall and broke my TV. It was mounted to a stud and was professionally installed! Do not recommend at all, spend some extra money and get a sturdier mount!

  • Alittlebirdlost - Long, straight, straight, straight hair...

    I have NEVER, I repeat, NEVER been able to get a curl in my hair. I got a perm when I was a kid and the ish fell out! Anyways, I bought this at Target just in case I needed a QUICK AND EASY return (smell what I'm stepping in, Amazon?), and I have to say I am amazed. I read the directions thoroughly, because let's face it - this thing looks a little terrifying and conjures memories of getting my hair wrapped up in a spiral brush as a kid. Small brushed pieces, 1-inch, face towards the head, yadda yadda, some beeping, stay calm...VIOLA - magic curls. I actually plugged this beautiful baby in at my desk at work, and used a pocket mirror to test it out, I couldn't stand the wait! I also tested a piece of my boss' hair for good measure. She is purchasing one tomorrow.

  • Reno Reviewer - Like the results, but curious about the ingredients...

    I like the texture of the product and how it makes my skin feel, but I always wondered what's in it. The ingredients are only listed on the box and not on the jar. So for those of you wondering what's in it. Here it is:

  • Kathryn L - Best Mouse I've Used

    This mouse is most definitely the single greatest mouse I have ever used. I have been through a lot of gaming mice, most of which I do not like because they are either not comfortable or they focus too much on the comfort and aren't functional. This is a mouse that is the perfect size for my hand, the buttons are easily accessible (including the ones on the side), and is extremely accurate. Not only does this mouse look nice, but it is of high quality. This mouse is something I am happy to show to friends when they come over, and would be proud to recommend to a friend. This mouse glides smoothly, and is light weight but not to the point that it is cheap. This has become my choice mouse and I highly recommend you get one too if you are looking to be at the top of your game.