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SSRI Stories | Antidepressant Nightmares - SSRI Stories is a collection of over 5,000 stories that have appeared in the media (newspapers, TV, scientific journals) in which prescription drugs were

  • Lessons from SSRI Stories | SSRI Stories - HOW DO SSRIs (AND OTHER MEDICATIONS) CAUSE VIOLENCE? (and why don’t people spot the connection?) Anecdotal Evidence of the SSRI-Violence Connection HOW do
  • SSRI Information | SSRI Stories - "If it can be solved by $5,000 or a new boyfriend, it's not depression." - Ned Shorter, Hannah Professor in the History of Medicine and Professor of
  • Contact Us | SSRI Stories - Help us fill in the gaps with your leads for SSRI Story content. Please include the web link in your submission.
  • About Us | SSRI Stories - was created by a team of volunteers who wish to build on the legacy of Rosie Meysenburg. Rosie and two colleagues, Ann Blake Tracy and Sara
  • Iain Farrimond | SSRI Stories - "Perfect husband" takes antidepressants for stress, has nice evening with wife, then attempts to stab her to death and kill himself. Depression blamed.
  • GP Dr Wendy Potts | SSRI Stories - GP taking medication for bipolar blogs about her condition, exhibits odd behaviour and suicidal acts, is suspended, medication increased, dies by suicide.
  • Helen Nicholl | SSRI Stories - Dentist has complaint filed about her, starts citalopram, diazepam, hangs herself, husband held on suspicion of murder, since no logical motive for suicide.
  • Alison Corchis | SSRI Stories - Cipralex, like all SSRIs, increases the risk of suicide and violence for a few people, Case has hallmarks of an SSRI tragedy but nobody looked there.
  • Katinka Newman: Author | SSRI Stories - Journalist experiences a terrifying SSRI-related ordeal, which inspires an episode on BBC's Panorama, to air in autumn, 2016.
  • Spree Shooting/stabbing/attack | SSRI Stories - Criteria: Lone assailant or two, violent attack on 2 or more persons unrelated to and/or unknown to perpetrator(s) with intent to kill or high risk of death as

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  • Evac156 - Good in most ways, with a couple of annoying quirks

    I have a long history with Norton security products, mostly good, and this one is pretty good. I'd had problems with one recent version that took out a lot of useful features, such as custom scans, and fortunately this one puts them back. It does everything I need, and it's pretty easy to use. Also, being able to install on three PC's is great, because I was able to install on both my desktop and laptop systems. In fact, this version is overkill for my uses; it has many features I *don't* uses, such as remote backup, identity protection, Facebook cleaning. All I really need is anti-virus, firewall, and registry tuneup, and those work quite well.

  • Rudythegreat - An eye opener

    I wanted to write this review because Christmas is just around the corner. If you know someone who thinks that they are the epitome of knowledge, you need to buy this book for their Christmas present. Your friend will be most animated as a result of your decision; he or she could even be pissed at you for a long time.

  • Layne - Best eye moisturizer I've found

    As I've gotten older, it seems the skin around my eyes has gotten quite dry. This is the only product I've found that moisturizers without irritating my eyes. I've been using it for several years now.

  • Al McC. - Purchased for CAMARO and WORKS!

    Yes, it works on my V6 Camaro - specifically 2015 1LT. I have the Dual-Mode Performance Exhaust (aka NPP) on my car and everything is 100% factory OEM. So far this has worked perfectly for my Camaro despite the fact that the instructions that come with the module state C6 Vettes and Camaro ZL1. I see there are a number of questions out there wondering if this specific product will work on the Camaro - I took the chance after closely examining the product picture and reading "Corvette / Camaro" knowing that Amazon refunds are fantastic (especially for incorrectly pictured items). I put together a video of the product, install, and exhaust note changes that can be found here: Very easy install in my opinion HOWEVER the instructions read like they were written by a high schooler so beware interpretation may be necessary (or just watch my install vid).

  • James L'Etoile - Good for French press grind

    The grinder is not as loud as my old Cuisinart grinder that I had to put to sleep. I use it for French press coffee and the grind is course enough with a few bits of fine material. A very good, compact grinder.

  • Vaz TV - Bargain software

    I have bought this product for several years now--it's a good software but I still get some viruses. I don't know if there is a antivirus software that's 100% safe---if anyone knows, let me know. I always buy this from Amazon, the auto renewal from the developer is about 3x more expensive.

  • FreeAdvice - It's the best false sense of hope for consumers

    Hackers gonna hack and win, but at the very least, I have this false sense of hope. It's the best false sense of hope for consumers.