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  • Alyson Simpson - Best Yet!

    This simulator has to be my favorite so far, it had a couple of glitches, but those seem to have been fixed. Ultimate stray cat simulator next!🐈

  • Amazon Customer - Rick Steves' guide to Rome

    This Rome travel guide is very practical, thorough, and easy to use. It includes descriptions, maps, and time saving ideas. Of particular interest is information on how to save money on meals, hotels, and sites. The ROMA Pass is an excellent example.

  • Shampoo 911 - Excelent motherboard...

    Had a few run ins with the uefi settings... With that being a human mistake, I totally recommend this board...

  • Kelly Herr - This seems to work nicely as a spot treatment to heal blemishes

    This seems to work nicely as a spot treatment to heal blemishes. I love tea tree oil, just be sure not to use it all over your face for a long period of time or it will dry your skin. It is better used in small problem areas.

  • H. D. Petrone - Fancy & Fun

    I love being able to grind my own salt and pepper. I am not sure why, but it seems to add a little something to fun and special to the seasoning of any dish. I like to keep this on the dining room table, and even my guests get a kick out of it.

  • Amazon Customer - Usable and fun, but poor quality

    I am a cyclist with several high-end bikes and while I did not expect high quality from this Kinderbike, I would have liked better manufacturing and assembly. My kids will have a lot of fun with this bike, but I cannot say that it is well made.

  • markb - F*** Tom Cruise...

    Rebecca DeMornay TOOK that movie, and her scene in the train to this steamy-slow number will live forever. NEVER fails to make the heart skip a beat....