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  • Lisa K. - Good price but not that impressed.

    Not entirely impressed with it but it'll do. Overall great price; however, I had a few of issues with this mount. First being the bolts that came with it to mount the brackets to the back of the TV were too long even with the included spacers. Instead of using one spacer each on the top and bottom holes I just used both of them (on each side) on the top where there majority of the weight was. Second, with the screen attached the tilt just falls down and hangs there. I used the pins to keep it in place because otherwise it would simply tilt down all of the time. Kind of takes away the adjustability function. Third, there really isn't a lot of space behind the TV to adjust anything once you get it hung. In hindsight I probably should have bought one that has more directional functionality and that extended farther away from the wall in the event I needed to do anything behind the TV.

  • H. Reid Poland III - Not easy to use

    Much harder to work with than expected .I wish I could return This program. Much disappointed in this download from Microsoft

  • Vibin'Pueblo - Engineering Must

    This program is a must to have if you are in the engineering program. I have used this program over and over again on many school and work projects!

  • kleber jones - I would definitely recommend it to my friends

    I'm on my 3rd day using this kit and my teeth have already whitened a few shades. I've used whitening toothpaste in the past but didn't see any results and the trays from my dentists did nothing but hurt my teeth. So far this product has worked well and is worth the price. I would definitely recommend it to my friends, in fact, I already have. My mom's friend has already purchased one!

  • Pamela U. Moore - It works so well

    Every woman should have this on hand, for those times before going to the doctor. It does work fast, and no side effects with my other medicines. It's getting hard to find in stores, and this deal was a good one; thanks, Amazon.

  • Lauren - La Praire for Less

    Have always loved the product -- the boon here is that it was sealed and properly packaged and delivered on time for a discount of the department store price. That is a win in my book.

  • Alexis Gipson - Upper shoulder/arm/cervical spine work out great. Enjoy the leg motion while using the arm ...

    Needed this for therapy for a pinched nerve. Upper shoulder/arm/cervical spine work out great. Enjoy the leg motion while using the arm movement, I had atrophied severely while recuperating. Serving its purpose excellently. The tension for the arms and legs is sufficient for my regiment, very good, my so, Marine candidate also uses it for strengthening. The cost was more than covered with eliminating therapy sessions (thanks Obamacare for increasing my costs...).