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Spitalul Sf. Constantin: Home - Spitalul Sf. Constantin, SC Teo Health SA, Clinica Sf. Constantin, Spital privat Brasov cu specialitati: oncologie medicala, chirurgie generala, urologie, orl, anestezie terapie intensiva, neurochirurgie, ortopedie, chirurgie plastica, chirurgie bariatrica, chirurgie laparoscopica

Country:, Europe, RO

City: 25 , Romania

  • m.c.jones - One word "SNAKEOIL" My wife and I are different ages ...

    One word "SNAKEOIL" My wife and I are different ages, different ethnic backgrounds, of course different genders, different diets growing up, etc. We both have used this tool for over 35 weeks and not a single new hair has shown itself. If this product is 93% successful, then how can our diverse backgrounds both be part of the 7% failures? We move a piece of plastic over our heads with a red light showing and a beeper every 4 seconds to give the allusion that something happening. Simple is not true. SNAKEOIL pure and simple. We bought the professional 12 unit.

  • Jack - Cannot work on windows 10.

    Cannot work on windows 10. Downloaded it after searching for windows 10 antivirus but can't e loaded At least it didn't cost me. Just went to Avast website and downloaded their free av and it works fine on windows 10. Amazon needs to get updated copy. Keep trying they will be getting it soon.

  • Chris draper - Good to get that's stock 4" shining whip off the ...

    Portland you win on this one. Lived there for 5 years. This product is top notch. Really didn't realize how small it. Good to get that's stock 4" shining whip off the ride. Well done!