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  • josue medina - it's hard to tell from pics but it would be good if they add how it fits in there description

    I guess these sneaks run's hard to tell from pics but it would be good if they add how it fits in there description..if I known Instead of 7.5 I would of order an 8...don't like sneaks that wraps on my feet that snug fit might be good for runners but not for me I like oldschool comfort I don't like to Battel them off my feet...when I want them off I should be able to take off with a quick tap on the heelso n they're off...not these ..I got to loosen the strings all the way other than that the colors are beautiful all the girls can't avoid looking...because of that 5 stars for the ladies

  • Kat Will - Smells wonderful, just not crazy about the shampoo.

    First off, the smell of this stuff is amazing. I think the other reviewers describe it way better than I could so I's just yummy, ok? The "oil" is more of a serum....I really like that, and buy that on its own. Its great to put in your hair after using a flat smooths and shines, and smells so good. The shampoo I didnt really like, it doesnt lather at all (probably because its natural) and I absolutely HATE the bottles the shampoo and conditioner come in....the bottles I got, had no pumps like the picture, just the pop open cap...and you have to squeeze really hard to get the stuff out. I don't think those brittle hard plastic bottles are made for squeezing :) The conditioner, and "X" hair treatment are pretty nice as well.

  • Mitchell Honig - My informed two cents

    Hey I am a retired dentist, so I guess what I say here might carry a little weight. Let me on the outset say that I have not reviewed the literature of this product, and this only is a review based on impression. You need to know that plague has two basic components. First the water soluble component, and secondly the component that is not water soluble. That said, because plaque is basically "sticky", you need mechanical pressure to remove the plaque generally, and so it goes without saying that floss or a toothbrush works in this capacity. However, it is possible that you get the mechanical boost from the pulsating action of this product. I used this product, and found it fairly effective, but quite frankly as to their claims that it is "2x" as effective as floss I would raise a professional eyebrow at this. I found (sample size of only one - so don't think this is scientific) that mechanical flossing done correctly (that is a big if) is perhaps more effective, for I for the heck of it (don't try this as home), didn't floss for three days, tried the product, and the gingivitis not completely resolved. I tried it again with floss, and the resolution almost immediate. This doesn't necessarily prove anything, but I hope you understand. All that said, let's talk about the practical. I happen to know that people HATE to floss. I mean H-A-T-E. Floss probably rates as one of the most hated things besides mothers-in-law or ex's. Especially it you have a bridge or implant - forget it - only the obsessive-compulsive people will sit in the bathroom and floss properly. So especially for the later folk, this is a very good product, and quite frankly, we don't live in a perfect world, and although I still think mechanical floss is probably better, for the 95% of the rest of use, get a look at this. It might not improve your social life, but it might be good for your teeth. Oh forgot to say: check with your dentist before you use this product, especially on the higher settings, or if you have a previous history of periodontal pocketing - a word to the wise.

  • Diane - Great book

    Received a complimentary copy to read and review. I couldn't put it down. I love the characters and the world Brandy has created with this series. It has great twists and turns that will keep the reader turning the page to find out what happens next. Definitely one to add to your TBR list.

  • Blake - Should have bought this before any other case I tried, haha. It's awesome!

    The textured surface feels good. I really prefer this to a soft silicone or hard plastic. I have the black case and it shows no fingerprints. The case is well molded to the 12' iPad Pro. I have a screen protector on the case and there's absolutely no interference. It has all the normal/standard viewing angles that the much more expensive Smart Cover has. The pencil holder is also quite snug and it's very convenient in daily use. I carry this around as my mobile blogging device as well as a mobile sketchbook, after trying a few combinations of cheap sub $20 cases and much more expensive $100+ cases I feel like this is the one I should have 'picked up in the first place.