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Patassium Clavulanate - Sinopharm Weiqida Pharnaceutical Co., Ltd. - Sinopharm Weiqida Pharnaceutical Co., Ltd. as a general pharmaceutical company held by China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (abbreviated as Sinopharm) is one of SINOPHARMÂ’ s antibiotic bases in Datong.

  • potassium calvulanate with Syloid 1:1 - Sinopharm Weiqida Pharnaceutical Co., Ltd. - Potassium Clavulanate with Syloid 1:1 Packing: 25kg/ Ferrous Barrels Standard: Enterprise Standard ANALYSIS SPECIFICATIONS RESULTS DESCRIPTION White or almost white crystalline powder Complies IDENTIFICATION a)Positive by HPLC Complies b)Complies ...

    Country:, Asia, KR

    City: 126.9741 , Republic of Korea

  • Erik F Goulding - I am puzzled by the immediate dislike for this album

    I am puzzled by the immediate dislike for this album. Is it Bleed American, or even Invented? No, but it's also a far sight better than Damage, and holds up pretty well against other middle-tier Jimmy Eat World albums released in the past fifteen years. Which is to say, it's a solid album with some very high points ("Sure and Certain" sounds like the kind of earworm I'm going to be whistling for the next six months), and a couple of B-sides that I probably won't skip when they come up on shuffle. If you've liked most of their discography, and are worried that this is the spiritual successor to "Damage," you don't need to worry. I'm happy with my eight buck purchase.

  • GardenSirens - The New and Improved Lady Gaga!!

    Lady Gaga's albums have been either hot or cold. Artpop was a perfect example. While a few songs stand out, the album misses all together. So with this follow up, I was half worried and half excited. She did an amazing job with Tony Bennett and his album and just absolutely destroyed and created new levels of awesome with the Sound of Music tribute at the Oscars. She took what she learned from Bennett....that you can be a straight musician and shine that way without the stage antics, and applied that to this album. Joanne isn't a showy album. There isn't much on this album to pump out at the club. But what there is, instead, is a full album of soul. I feel the emotions behind these songs. I feel the music connecting to my soul. It's too soon for me to call this her best album, but I'll be damned if it isn't up there. Joanne delivers!

  • Angie - Hallmark Card Studio 2012

    The Hallmark Card Studio is an awesome way to make/create cards; personalize them and have them be totally unique. The only drawback is that I had the 2008 Hallmark Card Studio and it is not backwards compatible. So if you already have an earlier version of the program and have projects you have saved, you will not be able to open them; not even in the original program. Be creative; be bold and enjoy the reactions to the fun cards and projects you can make.

  • Saskswan - Best Soy/Dairy free cheese out there.

    With two soy/dairy allergic children we were so excited when we discovered Daiya. They love it no matter how we use it. Imagine being a kid and not being able to enjoy cheese.. I would say the only thing they could improve on is the smell... it's quite strong. But as long as the kids like it - we'll continue being huge Daiya fans!

  • Marie M - Seresto Flea & Tick Collar

    I put the seresto collar on my 7 lb. Maltese, for about 7 days. He became very lethargic & after 2 days he was sleeping all day, only waking to eat & go potty. I have taken it off & he is back to his old self. I don't think this should be used for small dogs at all.