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  • J. Jordahl - Not as good as expected

    I purchased this with a moderate case of poison ivy on my leg thinking it would clear it right up. I followed the instructions to a T, and did not observe the itch relief that was advertised, and definitely not in 30 seconds. So I used it again right away to see if it worked any better. After the two washes it did feel better, but it was by no means completely itch free. I washed again one more time about four hours later, and saw little improvement. The next day the poison ivy blisters were much larger and more enflamed than they ever were prior to using the wash. I think the abrasive nature of it just irritated the rash more than healing it, although there was a small area where the rash looked more dried up. I used the product again the next day, and after the treatment the rash hurt more than ever, however the rash didn't seem to spread after using this product. The tube was essentially gone after the four uses, so if you pay full price you will be paying for $10 per application. I think this product could be useful, but only right after contact with the poison ivy. My rash had been present for two days before I used the product, and I saw minimal benefit. Because this is used to wash away the oil I think it would be better suited to prevent the spreading of the rash and minimizing initial itchiness.

  • Moreno O Makil - Booooyahhh!

    Ball Refill works for my partner and me. We are killing it now in the bedroom. This was shipped quickly and is very well made, lots of seals on it.

  • carolyn farkas - It works!

    I have dry course hair and have been looking for a product that will help it feel and look better for years. Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm has done more for my hair than any other product I have tried. I am thrilled and will not be without it. Ordering a back up so I don't run out!

  • Amazon Customer - My Brows are growing back !

    I, like many my age, am a victim of the 90's thin brow movement and now my eyebrows grow in patchy in the front and also grow crooked . It's thicker on one side than the other etc . I've been using this product for 2 weeks and I am happy to say that my brows are starting to grow in where they were not able to before . I am going to grow them a couple of more weeks and then go and get my eyebrows threaded and my eyebrows are going to FINALLY look fierce ... I cannot wait ! No more crooked eye brows and trying to make them look even with eye brow pencil for me very soon and every day I see I am getting a little closer to my goal. I am also using this on my eyelashes. I don't have issues with my lashes but it has made both my lower and upper lashes thicker and darker ... I honestly don't think fake eyelashes are necessary for special occasions anymore because an extra coat of mascara really brings my eyes out now that my lashes are so long . Just be careful to avoid your eyes as this wasn't made for lashes but it is similar to other products that are made for lashes . If you keep this out of your eyes, it should work just fine for this use but this is just my humble opinion and I'm not a doctor so do this at your own risk .

  • Micah Sandefur - The hold is great, and if you need to remove it

    I've used this to fix more things than I can think of. The hold is great, and if you need to remove it, it's rubberized so it'll come up together instead of flakes.

  • Maria - best software ever

    best software ever,, was a Norton users for years,, this software works much faster within minutes it completes scans, and gives you the option to shut down computer by itself when done scanning. love it !!