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  • J. Wright - they are great, but feel they are over priced

    i bought them because my friend had a party at my house, and I felt obligated. I do use the dust mit and the polishing cloth, they are great, but feel they are over priced. I disagree that clean doesnt smell. I still love to use Pine Sol. When my house smells Pine Sol clean, I know that it is clean. I wont buy Norwex again.

  • Brooke - all natural metabolism booster and muscle preserver

    This isn't an unhealthy shortcut to your ideal body, or a magic pill that will fix all of your problems, but it really does work. You need to use this along with a healthy diet and exercise plan. These pills will help you, but they won't do ALL the work.

  • josh - Carl's the Man.

    So far two episodes in I'm more intrigued by season 7 than I had been in season 6. I absolutely love Shameless I've seen every episode, most I've seen multiple times, and season 7 has started off very well I'm super excited to see what comes next.

  • Rebekkah Steinbuck - Disappointing Set Up

    We purchased 2 LeapPads for our daughters for Christmas and they are not able to use the full ability of the tablet due to inability of the LeapPad to communicate with our computers. I have contacted customer support several times and I am still trying to fix the problem. I was recently told that we may have 2 faulty LeapPads and may have to return them and try new ones. I have spent at least 6 hours trying to get these to work to no avail. I am very disappointed to have such difficulties from a leapfrog product.

  • K P-t - This is an amazing invention!

    Well, i am a brand new mom and i was really getting worried about stuffy nose of my girl. I ordered this product without checking on a vacuum cleaner i have. i was really glad that it could fit to the one we own! this product is simply amazing!!!! i don't know why it says baby-vac; adults can use it too, trust me, i tried it out)))) My baby likes it too, she doesn't mind when i use it on her even though she is only 3 months old. Thank you!

  • M. Cotto - This Item is a useless piece of electronic

    I hardly ever write a review but I must write about this item to warn anyone who is planning to purchase. DON'T. OMG. This item is so not worth any amount of money. We purchased one a week ago and are in the process of returning it. The screen looks like an etch a sketch. It is very heavy, You have to poke it to make it work instead of just a soft touch. The camera quality is like worse that my first camera phone. I cannot believe this item is allowed on the market. The instruction booklet does not give much detail about operating it. If I had a toddler that like playing with electronic toys I would give it to him or her. Don't waste your money, save it and buy an IPAD.

  • fungi2b - A Mighty Wind

    It could use some brighter lights. Yes, it does sound like a jet engine. Also moves almost twice as much air as the other brands at well under half the cost--not having people try to ask questions while you cook is just a bonus.