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Simavi - working towards basic health for all - Simavi realises structural improvement to the health conditions of people in marginalised communities in Africa and Asia. We focus on WASH and SRHR policies

  • SRHR - - Within our work on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) maternal health, contraception, safe and legal abortion are of particular concern.
  • WASH - - By tackling water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) issues, we can stop preventable diseases and deaths.
  • Programmes WASH and SRHR - - Programmes WASH (water, sanitation) and SRHR (maternal health, contraception) learn healthy behaviour and enjoy sexual & reproductive rights 
  • Approach - - Approach how theory of change works in practice and how we evaluate our results
  • Key programme areas - - Simavi key programme areas are menstrual hygiene, safe abortion, maternal mortality, behaviour change communication, faecal sludge management, wash
  • Innovation - - Innovation by using modern technologies and working with different partners to increase our impact and schale
  • Advocacy - - Advocacy involves holding local, regional and national governments accountable

    Country:, Asia, LB

    City: 35.5097 Beyrouth, Lebanon

  • Anne Hanes - Not accurate

    At first we really liked the monitor. It is attractive and easy to read. When it seemed like the humidity was consistently low, however, we had our whole house humidifier checked. The professional humidity meter showed that the monitor was off by 10%age points. So much for accuracy.

  • S. Chia - nice

    writes smoothly, well balanced. good workmanship, comparable to more expensive brands. no complaints, but I still don't know why pens should cost more than $100.

  • Ouiga Boards Are For Real! - Ouiga Boards Are For Real!

    Once about 8 years ago, my mom and my cousin were playing with the ouiga board. My other cousin was there in the room and he told my mom to ask it when he was going to jail. It said "tonight". He said to ask it where he will be, It said " at Chris's house". He had planned on going there that night, but changed his mind. Later they posed the same question to the board-when was he going to jail, it again said "tonight". I was on 3rd shift and went to work. I came home at lunch, and there were police officers surrounding my mom's house. Guess what. He went to jail THAT NIGHT! My mom got so scared she burned the ouiga board. I still like to play around with them though. I can't help it, it is interesting.

  • Aaron - Just as good as 2014

    Paper quality is very similar if not the same as 2014 edition. The cover also tends to fold over like 2014 edition. New graphs/illustrations and revisions are very good. Better then 2014 version. Do wish cover was sturdier.

  • noah677 - DO NOT BUY THIS KIT if you own a camaro ZL1 MODIFIED 7/20/13

    This kit does not work in the Camaro ZL1, at least if you have the back up sensors and camera. I have had years of experience in installing these kind of things in cars. Installed properly, it set off all bells and lights, radio not work, back system dead. Fortunately all returned to normal upon removing it. I bought mine from Southern Corvette Parts located in GA. Make sure whoever you buy from has a good return policy