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  • Terri - Best and only solution for post-nasal drip

    Several years ago, a particularly bad flu left me with never-ending post-nasal drip, and thus a bad cough from all the irritating mucus. None of the usual anti-decongestants worked anymore, and it got so bad I couldn't help coughing every few minutes, unable to sleep and basicaly becoming incapacitated.

  • Mary T - This pin pong racket is great. It exceeded our expectations and is even nicer ...

    This pin pong racket is great. It exceeded our expectations and is even nicer than what we anticipated. It works well and it has become the neighborhood favorite racket for the kids playing ping pong at the house. We are quite pleased the materials used on the racket and it is very durable since the kids often unconsciously bang the rackets around while waiting for their turn at the table. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion and is based solely on my experience with the product

  • kookiequinn - Eh, old content, YAY new story!

    I had already read all of the old stories so I'm giving this three stars but if I was JUST rating the new short story I'd have given it 4 :)

  • Jason Scott Eiker-wiles - Don't Become Emotionally Involved

    I now hear in 5 dimensions. A 4th spatial dimension, plus the ever-elusive-whilst-at-the-same-time-painstakingly-present dimension of Time. Pretty nifty. Of course, one must use some wisdom in wielding such power, but really, how many of us who actually have $7,000 to bandy about are anything less than obesely wise?! Due to this sort of quaternion relation in audial space, the ear is accosted by a slew of new soundscapes, not just new individual sounds, whole new sets of sounds. Consider them the "imaginary" sounds, if you will. The square root of the negative D-flat scale and such. It'll all make sense after a few listens (which of course will be oblivious to and/or in control of Time). The only sound complaint I could even dream to lodge would be that songs which feature anti-derivative functions (mostly fugues) in the bass clef have a tendency to drown out the higher, more individualistic voices which make up the treble melodies. But just a little, you can hardly even notice.

  • Amazon Customer - We all love Rick

    Planning a trip to Spain and won't go anywhere in Europe without my Rick Steve's guidebook. Saves lots of time figuring out the places to go and things to do.

  • William Curl - Great album

    This is an incredible album. I was a little skeptical about buying the CD because at the time I purchased the album I didn't here any of the tracks. I purchased the album based on J Cole track record and I am glad that I took a chance.