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  • Pink Floyd's Last Great Album - Pink Floyd's Last Great Album

    I remember being nine years old and hearing "Another Brick in the Wall pt.2" for the first time. Needless to say, I was instantly hooked. I found the music to haunting yet highly intriguing and even more-so, influential. Pink Floyd's patented, dissident sound grows to its utmost extremities in this album. Every song captures your mind and throws you into a dark room full of sound and fury. You start to get a sense of hopelessness because you know the only way to escape is to turn off the music, but you can't because you come to discover that you're relating to it. This concept album ranks as one of the greatest of all time. For creating musical realms of darkness and depression, nobody does it better than Pink Floyd. But unlike previous albums, which were also great, The Wall weaves its dissidence around truth and actual events. To this day there is a teacher somewhere, abusing or hurting a child. The Wall is a musical revolution against the control machines of our society. When you're listening to The Wall, you're not just listening to music, you're listening to heartfelt outcries that stir the fibers of your inner being. From the hoplessly sad "Comfortably Numb" to the dangerous opening of "The Happiest Days of Our Lives", Pink Floyd has created a masterpiece that not only leaves you breathless but downright exhausted. The Wall also contains some of the Floyd's best solo guitar.

  • Sam Cushman - You'll need additional resources but it's nice to have these practice tests because they are college ...

    It's only practice tests. But by reviewing material within the questions you can create a study guide. You'll need additional resources but it's nice to have these practice tests because they are college board approved

  • Michelle Biediger - first time user

    I am a first time user of this product. I usually purchase the Leslie's pool chemicals. These list the same ingredients at a better price. I hope they work as good. I've just started using them, so at this time, I am rating the delivery and cost of the product.

  • melkgrg - PLEASE Do Not put your kitty through this!

    I have a Bengal that is 1 month from being 5 yrs old! After 3 days of wearing this collar he has went from 15 to 9 lbs and has chemical burns and a ring of no fur around his neck. He has been grumpy the last few days and I chalked it up to me bein so busy! No, it was the collar! It is a weekend so I called the poison for animals number on the packaging to find out what I need to do until the Vet opens on Monday or if I should find emergency care immediately! I was informed that this is not an expected reaction and she basically told me it was not the collar that caused it! As if I mistreat my cat!!! I was livid! I said I just needed to know what to do! She said take him to the vet so as not to get secondary infection! I am like, lady this is a chemical burn and I need to know what to do NOw because the packaging says call this number. I am so upset, she had no concern for my cat and implied this has never happened before! I thought I had done my research before putting it on my cat but I typed in Seresto reviews and there were several great reviews no talk of the chemical burn or reactions. It was not until after speaking with this horrid woman that I decided to search "Seresto burns" and that is where I found all the bad reviews! I purchased this from my vet and it came highly recommended! Please do not put this on your kitty! It says safe for 10 week old kittens, however if it did this to my big boy in 3 days then a poor kitten my not survive!

  • Christina Seidle - great value for the price

    Nice generous size package for the price, perfect mix of salty and sweet snacks. Small bags help with portion control and discourages over eating. Excellent product, we love our snacks and with it just being the two of us I filled up an old popcorn tin to keep them fresh and safe from crushing. I am sure we will purchase this item again. Our 4 and 6 year old niece and nephew came to visit and these made great snacks for them too.