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Sigmed Medical | Imaging Equipment - Sigmed specializes in navigating you through purchasing, setting up and servicing imaging equipment for your healthcare organization. We combine exceptional service and flexibility with a budget conscious approach to help you meet your needs in a fast-changing business environment.

Country:, North America, US

City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Shawn D - 5 star

    absolute must for any vehicle, second vehicle Ive installed them into and wouldn't have any other company's product. go big or go home

  • momof4 - I had to order this, my sister have one ...

    I had to order this, my sister have one and it is a winner. Makes my natural hair look silky and it is very soft. Now my daughter uses it as much as I do.

  • Amazon Customer - This product gives dogs seizures!

    I previously posted a review on this company's site that has been deleted, but I think it is important that all dog owners should be informed that this product gave my 3-yr-old Boston Terrier a seizure. He's never had any health problems before, so you can imagine the shock I had when his eyes started oscillating sporadically (nystagmus) back and forth the next morning. He couldn't walk in a straight line and kept falling over. It was awful to watch my little dog suffer like that. I understand that this is a rare case, and don't fault the company for not knowing, but I want owners to be aware that this is a possibility.

  • benjaboo - worthless product

    I tried Zija Smart Mix and it does absolute nothing. After 4 days my blood pressure went to 164/102 which is very dangerous and I have never had blood pressure problems before. It does nothing to suppress appetite and as for feeling any different, it doesn't do that either. This is just another scam and I am a real sucker for these. Have tried them all and after realizing this can affect my health I put the whole $75.00 worth in the garbage. Buyers beware, the only way to lose weight and feel better is push the plate back and exercise. Just saying!!!