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  • Regina P - Do your research and you'll see this is just like any other gimmick about losing weight fast

    NO, NO AND NO!! Don't fall for it. Do your research and you'll see this is just like any other gimmick about losing weight fast. The company tends to post and preach about what this Doctor says and that Doctor says but in reality they aren't backed by any Doctor. They have no actual scientific proof yet will use language in their sales pitch and materials to entice you. Be smart. Don't fall for their marketing.

  • PG Mark - I have used this product in the past. I ...

    I have used this product in the past. I am not sure if it was the exact product as shown here. But it was by the same company from the USA. Lost 25 pounds in 3-4 months. Have kept the weight off since and it has been 3 years since I lost the weight.

  • Momax325 - I still like these shoes

    I still like these shoes, but they are quite larger than the other one's I ordered. They are loose on my feet. Not sure why they would be different when they list the others all the same

  • well written & informative - well written & informative

    I give the book four stars because it is well written and provides valuable information not easily found elsewhere.

  • Ruth Ann - Inspiring read.

    This book has given me so much insight into the Trinity and how it functions within itself, and how it functions in the spirit of those who allow it to. The beauty of the flow of love between the members of the Trinity, the flow of Trinitarian love in believers, and the flow of Trinitarian love through believers to the world was made so clear and so exciting. To know that we are a part of this cosmic flow of love gives me inspiration and hope. The words aren't coming out the way I would like them to - I can only say thank you to Father Rohr. I've read several of Richard Rohr's books and receive his daily devotionals, but the truths revealed in this book have touched me to the core. I'm on my second time through, and I believe it will be one of those books I will pick up again and again.

  • mia younger - Bomb baby

    This book was everything I loved it from beginning to end. I can't wait for part 2. P.S. I should kick your ass for how you ended part 1 lmao.