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  • D. V. - Useful

    One of the most useful books about C# I have purchased. While it is outdated, you still can find necessary information that needs little or no update. I am waiting for the next edition if ever comes.

  • Glenn Hunter - Very Quiet at a great price

    I told my wife I was going outside of our fifth wheel to start the generator (located about 20 feet from where she was reading). I came back in and she said "I thought you were going to start the generator". Long story - short - This generator is quiet and starts on my first pull (so far) I highly recommend this and Amazon had a great price and $280. Note the 30 amp receptical is dryer style, not RV. You will need a converter. There are some youtube videos on this unit.

  • Connie Jo - I'm 65 and doing the Focus T25 Workouts!

    I'm in reasonably good shape for a 65-year-old, but I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to do the exercises even though the ad made it sound as if 25 minutes isn't that long. And it isn't, but the nature of the workouts keeps one challenged for the entire time without getting bored. I definitely know I've been working hard when the time is up! I started out doing the modified versions, and gradually I've been able to do more of the unmodified workouts. I just started week five and have not yet nailed all of a single workout, but I am getting closer. In any case, I'm getting great exercise and losing a little weight. (I think it's harder to drop weight as one gets older.) I also have been following the diet pretty closely. I wish there were more recipes in the booklet. I'm making up my own combinations and substitute, but I don't know if they compare in terms of calories and nutrition. Overall, I'm very pleased with the program and have recommended it to a number of younger friends.

  • Kerry T. Givens - Tragically addictive

    This is my sixth or seventh Haribo bulk item purchased at Amazon, and so far, perhaps my favorite. The peaches and the cherry gummies would be a close second. I would hardly call the flavor anything like actual raspberries, but like most Haribo confections, it's still very fragrant and pleasant---not at all chemical/noxious/phony. The main problem with these raspberries is their small size and interesting chewy/crunchy texture tempts you to come back for more. Before you know it, you've finished the bag, ordered three more, and are seeing an endocrinologist regularly for acute pancreatic failure---basically the highest compliment you can pay to a confectionery company. Way to go, Haribo!

  • Sonya - Worked well for my newborn

    I started using this product after a C-section delivery with my newborn. Like many mothers out there I had problems producing enough breast milk to satisfy my son from the beginning. The hospital staff started supplementing my son on the Enfamil 2 oz. ready to feed bottles for infants which he seemed to tolerate fairly well. After we brought our son home we switched from the ready to feed plastic bottles to the Enfamil Powder "Lipil" for infants which unfortunately was causing him to spit up as well as making him extremely gassy. We then tried Earth's Best Organic Dairy formula for a couple of days with somewhat better results. Shortly thereafter our lactation consultant gave us a gift bag of Enfamil products which contained a sample of the Newborn formula as shown here. Our son tolerated the formula well. It doesn't bubble up nearly as much when you shake it up and it digests quicker like breast milk. My son received mostly breast milk up until 6 weeks of age and we supplemented 2 - 4 feedings a day with the Newborn formula mostly at night. At his 8 week check up he had gone from 6 lbs at birth to 12 lbs exactly. I was glad to have a formula to supplement with that he could tolerate. My only real issue with this product is that he was constantly hungry even when we started to increase his formula feedings between weeks 8 to 12. It got so bad towards the end of his third month that he was getting a formula feeding every 30 - 60 minutes in the afternoon and evenings and he was still waking up 2 - 3 times at night to feed. We had a lot of difficulty satisfying our son's hunger with this product. While overall I was happy with Enfamil Newborn, I wouldn't recommend this product for larger newborns. Thankfully he did not have any problems with excessive gas or spitting up with this particular Emfamil product and that was a huge relief so we were glad that we were introduced to this product early on.

  • Sarah Chapman - The games all transfered over from her Leappad 2 which is nice, I didn't have to re buy anything

    I got this for my 4 yr old for her Birthday as an upgrade from the Leappad 2. It's Ok, or maybe we are just spoiled with the speed and quality of iPads and Kindles.