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Home - RVS Consulting House - RVS Consulting House provides consulting service in Cambodia for all types of business on Trademark Registration, Company Registration and Domain Registration & Hosting.

  • Business - RVS Consulting House - Do you want to do business in Cambodia ? You need to open a company. We assist you a complete process from open a new company to patent registration. We provide a tax declaration assistance.
  • Information Technology - RVS Consulting House - We consult IT with your enterprise for your business. We provide IT on Web hosting, Domain registration, IT Solution and Web development.
  • Domain Registration - RVS Consulting House - We assist clients to register domain worldwide and domain in Cambodia. You can hire to register and follow up your domain.
  • What is a Trademark ? - RVS Consulting House - "mark" means any visible sign capable of distinguishing the goods (trademark) or services (service mark) of an enterprise;
  • Khmer ICT - The most reliable and the cheapest Web hosting in Cambodia - Khmer ICT promise to be the best ICT solution for its clients. Clients can come to Khmer ICT to consume the ICT services such as Web Hosting, Website Hosting, Domain Registration, Domain .kh Registration, Development, Database System, ...etc. We are providing website hosting which is based in Cambodia. We provides the cheapest Website hosting. This is Khmer Website hosting.
  • Trademark Registration - RVS Consulting House - What is Trademark registration ? Where to registration your mark ? RVS Consulting House will assist to file your trademark in Kingdom of Cambodia.

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