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  • Carmen M. - It is a razor.

    It is a razor. Save your money. It will work good for at least 30 days (after warranty) and then your hair will grow back thicker and darker. If you want a dark beard and mustache, buy it. If you want to look like a women, do not buy this.

  • AmazonShopper - Excellent Alternative to Name Brands

    I have used two of these prior to this purchase, and I haven't been disappointed. While I haven't tracked the exact page counts, it seemed to last as long as the HP brand version I had used for several years prior. I use it in my high school math classroom, and it will last about a year with "Economode" as my default setting. Even if it lasts a little less time, It's less than half the cost of the OEM and therefore still a great deal.

  • K. Albin - Great book for writing appraisals on employees

    I think it is a very good tool for employers to write appraisals on their employees. I used it in a different manner, for writing my own appraisal.

  • Mom2TAG - Great Stuff!

    Iron out is great. I had a decorative soap dish that rusted on my corian sink top and left a huge circular stain. I went to Home Depot which told me absolutely nothing would take rust out of corian. They called DuPont while I was there and they even said nothing will take rust out of corian. I decided to go to True Value since Home Depot couldn't help. I picked up Iron Out and without even scrubbing as the label suggests the rust marks were starting to disappear. No effort just simple rubbing with a soft bristle toothbrush and the rust stain was gone.

  • Carol L. Schmitz - Not sure if it works yet but USE PPE when applying.

    Could they have put on the OUTSIDE of the label directions to wear PPE and a face mask. I burned the crap out of my face and arms. I couldn't even peel the label off with my fingernails and when I did the inside cautions said to use PPE. Thanks after the fact. Next time put that on the outside label under DIRECTIONS!!!