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  • Marc Bedard - Great software, awful look

    Nice upgrade to Visual Studio 2010 in terms of added features to the C++ language. However, the "new" retro metro style looks awful on this software. Even the icons are ugly.

  • Mark Hegarty - Don't even think of using something else!

    I have used many "free" tools and many other brands in the last 20 years of dealing with SMB's and home users and I have never found anything in this price point that is as "SPOT ON" as Acronis. I include it on every machine I build OR fix because the price allows me to do so without much impact to the customer. When I show them the F11 restore function that includes all their settings and apps (Not just Windows) they absolutely love it (and me).

  • Rich Trapp - Nicely done. Easy to revise

    Exactly what I needed. Walked me through creating a will and living will. Also has power of attorney, bill of sale & other forms. Nicely done. Easy to revise. Also easy to keep the same forms for multiple users separately. Nice that everyone in the family doesn't have to buy their own copy.

  • LakeMead Jim - This Will Help and Entertain

    Easy read with interesting take on Hisband - Wife dynamic. Openly discussing with progressive wife she disagrees with the theories BUT when I put the suggestions in action she responds very well. Been married 26 years and find myself being overly sensitive to every wife need and comment. She did feel in my quest to please I had become a little bit of a wimp. As I put suggestions from the book into practice regarding smaller things, overall relationship improved quickly. Would recommend as a counter to all the books the wives read that all clamor for neutered males. This promotes a traditional Male role that appeals at a more primal level. The writing style is engaging, witty and borderline comedy which makes it easier to keep with it. Found myself reading excerpts to wife to get her to talk and laugh.

  • Jeanne deCamp - Immune booster!

    One of the best oils to help prevent and recover from flu. Diffuse through the house, also rub on bottom of feet after a shower or bath and it will help pull the virus out. Put a drop on your toothbrush and rub your gums with it to help w tooth infections. This product is very powerful and can burn when put into your mouth so proceed with caution!