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  • Snowdragon - Decent security software. This is not a disk just a code on a card so look for a digital download edition instead of this one.

    Okay so the 4 stars is for the software. It won't stop everything but does a decent job and doesn't take too many resources. Yes, it will decide to perform a scan at the worst possible times. =)

  • I<3Amazon_Prime - Tender, healthy jerky alternative

    This is delicious! The description is pretty spot-on, with it being a combo of prosciutto and beef jerky. Very tender meat with a subtle flavor. I like knowing it's grass-fed meet, too. Smaller bag than what I anticipated, but comparable to regular jerky bags. I like that this seems to be a healthier jerky option.

  • Dave - Scam of the year.

    Don't buy this game. This game was released incomplete and improperly tested. Story/characters/dialogue is corny, cheap, and cheesy. Loot is boring and unrewarding. You'll farm for hundreds of hours for 99% trash. The "Player-driven" economy has been completely destroyed by cheaters. Exploits, bots, hacks, and scams are widely used, and Blizzard does little to nothing to discipline these cheaters. Technical support is almost non-existent. If you are hacked or scammed, Blizzard will write you a generic e-mail claiming there is nothing they can or will do. Graphics and music are mediocre at best. Game mechanics have been completely dumbed-down to a 12 year old's level. You'll breeze through the first 3 difficulty levels then hit a brick wall in "Inferno Difficulty". You'll then be forced to farm for gold for countless hours to use the Auction House where the economy is completely inflated and corrupted. It will influence some to use Blizzard's "Real-money auction house", where you'll literally have to spend hundreds of dollars just to get an edge. CO-OP play is greatly discouraged because of flawed game-play mechanics. Chat channels are completely flooded with spammers trying to sell gold for real money. Community is horrible; forums are filled with angry, disappointed customers; rightfully so. Game-play is only smooth in between "rubber-banding", you'll start walking and it will glitch, pulling your character back to it's original position. Random disconnections take place. No offline single-player mode. No character customization besides gender and dye. Has no replay value what-so-ever. Looked forward to this game for 8+ years; HUGE disappointment. I am simply flabbergasted that Blizzard was capable of releasing such a poor quality game. This game would not have sold so many copies if it wasn't for Diablo 2. Diablo 3 is fun for a short amount of time at first; play long enough and you'll reach all the same conclusions. None of what I said is exaggerated in the least bit. Save yourself the money, the disappointments, and the frustrations.

  • Hutch - Great value for the money

    Download was easy but shows up as a 30 day trial. You have to sign on and put in the numbers that Amazon supplies you in the email confirmation for your order. Not a big deal but not something that I expected. Once the numbers have been entered everything worked fine. Would buy again....

  • NMB3R - I Recommend Powder for Long Term

    I have tried all the antibiotics used to treat UTIs (Bactrim, Macrobid, Cipro...) but none of them ever worked for me. The symptoms would go away for the time being, while I was taking the pills, but immediately came back afterwards. I struggled with this for about a year before trying D-Mannose pills. These are very good for fast relief (within 12 hours) and they worked well for me for quite a while (which is why I give this 5 stars), but as time went on, I noticed that I needed about 3 per day to keep my symptoms away. Also, if I missed a day of taking the pills, I would have symptoms the very next day. I just switched over to D-Mannose powder (and I provided the link below) and it is AMAZING. The first day after taking this, you can really tell that the UTI is gone and the effects last for days. I will continue taking this powder daily. I highly recommend it for those who are tired of turning to antibiotics to cure them.